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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vienna

Image of curry lunch

UPDATED MAY 2020 Bunny is not a fan of traditional Austrian food. Schnitzel shit, she calls it. Maybe Bunny would appreciate it more if she wasn’t vegetarian, but she doubts it. Traditional Austrian food seems very Wurst-heavy, greasy and tasteless to her.Luckily for Bunny, Vienna, which served as Bunny’s home base in Austria for years, has […]

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Vienna Christmas Markets

Vienna knows how to do Christmas! It provides the perfect, imperial stage for glittering, fairy tale-like Christmas markets that spring up around the city starting from mid-November. The smell of roasted chestnuts, sweet Christmas punch and beeswax candles fill the air in many of the city’s picturesque squares and corners as Christmas stalls, festive lights […]

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Bunny’s Day Trip from Vienna to Sopron

Posing in Sopron

Should you ever tire of the imperial grandeur of the Austrian capital, Vienna is perfectly situated for a number of easy day trips. There are lots of hiking possibilities around Vienna, cute Austrian villages, the beautiful Danube Valley and various towns in neighbouring Slovakia and the Czech Republic to explore on day trips.Until recently, Bunny […]

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Vienna Wine Hiking Day

One of Bunny’s favourite things to do in her adopted home town of Vienna is the annual Wine Hiking Day. It should be called a Wine Hiking Weekend, really, as it covers two days but let’s not split hairs here.Vienna’s Wine Hiking Day usually takes place at the end of September. Sadly, Bunny will miss […]

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Bunny’s Lazy Day Trip to Bratislava

Enjoying the Bratislava old town

Vienna might be the most livable city in the world but on any Sunday or national holiday, the whole city shuts down. It is, frankly, quite boring. That’s when you should leave the city, Bunny says.There are plenty of interesting day trip destinations nearby. One of the closest is Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Bunny […]

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Best Luxury Spa in Vienna

Image of Arany Spa

Bunny is a spa lover to the core. She is not so much addicted to the treatments – although she is known to be partial to a nice hot stone massage – but she loves the luxurious feeling of spas in general.The serenity, the fluffy towels, the lovely fragrances, the juxtaposition of hot saunas and […]

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What to Do in Vienna on a Sunny Day?

Image of Bunny in Vienna

Bunny is not in favour of spending hot summer days in the city, but sometimes you have no choice. If you ever find yourself stuck in Vienna on a hot sunny day, fear not, things could be much worse for you.  There are plenty of nice things to do in Vienna, and in areas neighboring the […]

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