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Bunny’s Travel Highlights 2019

Forrest Gump Point in Monument Valley

The year 2019 was possibly Bunny’s best travel year ever, and that is saying something. Somehow, quite by accident really, she found herself travelling non-stop, visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world and having amazing experiences left and right.Looking back on 2019, she feels like a very privileged little Bunny indeed. Check […]

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Bunny’s Bali Itinerary for 7 Days

Bali is a popular destination and for good reason. This small Indonesian island seems to have something for everyone.Bali has gorgeous scenery, interesting culture, surfable waves, superb food, heavenly spa culture and genuinely friendly people. Unfortunately, it also has a lot of tourists, including the worst category: large tour groups. Ugh.Bunny has visited Bali twice, […]

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Bunny Does Yoga at Ki-Ra Holistic Living

Image of Bunny at Ki-Ra

Bunny was in a perfect frame of mind when she stayed at Ki-Ra Holistic Living in the Dominican Republic. She had just spent 10 food, drink and fun-filled days at an indulgent all-inclusive resort in the Punta Cana area, and was totally ready for a detox. Enter Ki-Ra Holistic Living.Bunny originally stumbled on Ki-Ra while […]

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