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Bunny’s Travel Highlights 2019

Forrest Gump Point in Monument Valley

The year 2019 was possibly Bunny’s best travel year ever, and that is saying something. Somehow, quite by accident really, she found herself travelling non-stop, visiting some of the most beautiful places in the world and having amazing experiences left and right.Looking back on 2019, she feels like a very privileged little Bunny indeed. Check […]

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Bunny’s Travel Highlights 2018

It is not quite the end of the year yet, but Bunny is eager to sum up her travel experiences in 2018.Year 2018 was an excellent travel year for Bunny! She finally made the long-planned, extended trip to South America, spent a lovely three months on her favourite Caribbean island of Carriacou, celebrated Mr. Bunny’s […]

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Bunny Takes the Train from Montreal to New York

Image of NYC skyline

Bunny doesn’t like flying. If there is a sensible alternative to flying, she’ll do that instead. And even when there is no sensible reason not to fly, Bunny is quite capable of manufacturing a rationale to keep her on the ground.Last summer, when Bunny needed to make her way from Montreal to New York, she […]

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Bunny’s (Almost) 24 Hours in Montreal

Image of Notre Dame

Why Visit Montreal? Montreal has a reputation as being the most European city in North America. That alone would be an incentive for Bunny to visit but there are other attractions as well.Montreal oozes history and old world flavour. It has a long history of diverse immigration and a cosmopolitan vibe that appeals to visitors. And […]

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Bunny’s Bucket List

Image of a sunset

 Bunny’s Top 100 Travel Experiences  Bunny is lucky to have been around the block a few times. Here is a selection of her most favourite travel experiences in the world – restricted to those that are not X rated… 1. Snorkelling in the MaldivesThe easiest snorkelling Bunny has experienced anywhere in the world. The reefs throughout […]

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