Who is Bunny?

My name is Bunny, Bunny Hatgis
Bunny loves tropical beaches!

Meet Bunny. 

Bunny is an introvert luxury traveller who hates crowds, queueing, cigarette smoke, Tashkent airport and slow-walking people.

Exploring the world is Bunny’s greatest passion. Some say she suffers from a constant case of restlessness.

Bunny the explorer
Bunny the vegetarian
Bunny the adventurer

Bunny spends all her time planning trips, searching for new destinations and exciting places to stay, reading online reviews, perusing travel forums, looking for special deals and putting together potential itineraries for any and all eventualities.

So far, Bunny’s escapades have taken her to more than half of the countries (104 and counting) in the world. She plans to continue until she has conquered them all.

Bunny the spa lover
Bunny the sports enthusiast
Bunny the beach lover

Bunny occasionally travels alone, but most of her voyages are conducted with Mr. Bunny in tow. He sometimes injects his (critical) voice in Bunny’s blog posts about the things they do and see during their travels. Please indulge him. He doesn’t have many friends.

Bunny’s travel style is smart luxury. She fancies herself as quite an expert in that field. Bunny is certainly not averse to adventure, but pristine nature, exclusivity, hotel suite upgrades, chocolate-induced spa treatments and private plunge pools are her niche. 

Bunny the health enthusiast
Bunny the hiker
Bunny the wine lover

At the same time, she wants to travel green, eat vegetarian, avoid flying and support animal rights while seeing the world (you will never see Bunny visiting a zoo or riding an elephant).

Bunny’s blog is a combination of her travel recommendations, reviews, itineraries, travel inspiration, photo collections, random thoughts and occasional rants – basically, things that Bunny would rather enjoy reading herself.

Bunny the culture buff
Bunny the luxury expert
Bunny the snorkeler

She hopes you like it too. Any feedback, ideas, complaints or requests can be sent to:  


Bunny may or may not reply to your email one day.

Image of Bunny paw prints