Bunny’s Top 100 Travel Experiences 

Bunny is lucky to have been around the block a few times. Here is a selection of her most favourite travel experiences in the world - restricted to those that are not X rated...

1. Snorkelling in the Maldives

The easiest snorkelling Bunny has experienced anywhere in the world. The reefs throughout the Maldives have suffered from coral bleaching but the marine life is still amazing. If you choose your island wisely, you can snorkel from our own porch and bump into a turtle 30 seconds later! The drop-offs can also be incredible, making you feel like you’re diving through a National Geographic documentary.

2. Hiking on the Great Wall of China

On a crisp sunny January day many years ago, Bunny did a four-hour hike on the Simatai section of the Great Wall of China. There were absolutely no other people (or bunnies!) around which made the experience magical.

3. Kayaking with Hippos on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe

When do you know that something’s not going quite to the plan? It’s when your kayaking guide on the Zambezi River gets visibly scared about the close proximity of an angry hippo. It’s moments like this in your inflatable kayak when you feel very small and vulnerable indeed. But the main thing is that you went, you saw and you conquered, and have the bragging rights afterwards. 

4. Sailing in the Grenadines

Bunny doesn’t think there are many holidays that can top the experience of chartering your own yacht in the tranquil waters of the Grenadines in the Caribbean Sea. Sailing through the aquamarine bays, stopping by deserted islands, strolling on the palm-fringed beaches, snorkelling with turtles and downing cocktails at sundown on a hammock on deck - what could be better than that?

Image of Bunny snorkelling
Image of the Grenadines
Image of the Great Wall

Snorkelling in the Maldives, sailing in the Grenadines and hiking on the Great Wall of China

5. Admiring Northern Lights from Your Bed in a Glass Igloo

This is just as fabulous as it sounds! Bunny’s choice was the Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos near Rovaniem in Finland. She stayed only one night but was lucky to be woken by the Aurora alarm just after midnight for a spectacular show of the Northern Lights. After she had taken enough pictures outdoors, she climbed back into her comfy bed and admired the show until she fell asleep again.

6. Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Bunny travelled to Uganda specifically to see the mountain gorillas. She took permits for two days in a row, to make sure she would get her dose. And what an experience it was! Seeing those gentle giants up close, just admiring their beauty, strength and grace, Bunny felt very privileged.

7. Sleeping in a Luxurious Tent in the Sahara

The Sahara is vast and mysterious. Bunny has only tasted a small morsel of the Sahara magic but she thinks she got the tastiest bite. Staying at Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp, she was able to enjoy the silence and the beauty of the endlessly shifting sand dunes, whilst sleeping in a luxury tent, eating gorgeous food and downing glass after glass of tasty local wine by the fire while star-gazing in the evenings.

8. Staying in a Temple in Japan

Bunny’s most memorable stay in Japan happened in a Buddhist temple on sacred Mount Koya to the north of Osaka. The tranquility of the place, combined with traditional Japanese-style accommodation, delicious vegetarian food prepared by the monks, and cold beer readily available from the vending machine down the temple hall was a winning recipe for Bunny.

9. Floating in the Dead Sea

Bunny loves the Dead Sea! She has visited three times, on both the Israeli and Jordanian sides. Her favourite experiences have been in the winter, when the place is practically deserted, with no other people or bunnies around. The water is still warm and the atmosphere a little eerie.

Image of a snow hotel suite

Image of a mountain gorilla
Image of Bunny in the Sahara

Arctic Snow Hotel and Glass Igloos in Finland, mountain gorilla in Uganda and drinking Moroccan wine in the Sahara

Bunny HATES crowds. Almost no experience is great enough to brave awful crowds, Bunny says. She makes an exception for the odd Metallica gig but, otherwise, this is a pretty solid principle.

Bunny cannot appreciate experiencing anything if 3000 Chinese tourists are breathing down her neck doing the same thing at the same time.

Being an anti-social little rabbit, Bunny almost wrote this travel principle as “avoid people” but she does have some tolerance for human kind. She is not one to travel to make new friends, to have delightful talks with local tribesmen or to learn about new cultures by doing crafts with villagers but she is not totally opposed to a little chat with an exotic stranger every now and then.

10. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is pretty scary and exhilarating at the same time. Bridge Climb Sydney will keep you safe and secure at all times, but there are some hair-raising moments. The views at the top, particularly of the Opera House, are unbeatable. Too bad you are not allowed to take your own camera with you for security reasons.

11. Afternoon Tea at Tea Trails in Sri Lanka

Bunny spent three nights in the fabulous bungalows of Ceylon Tea Trails in Sri Lanka. It was oh so indulgent! Her particular favourites were the sumptuous colonial-style afternoon tea moments, with delicious tea, cakes, cookies and scones galore. She got so stuffed each time that she barely managed her scented afternoon baths afterwards. Oh, the tough life.

12. Snorkelling in Silfra Fissure in Iceland

Kitted up in a dry suit and drifting between the tectonic plates of North America and Europe in ice-cold, crystal clear water that is pure enough to drink, Bunny’s snorkelling experience at the Silfra fissure was out of this world. Although extremely cold, it was very much worth the risk of potential death by hypothermia.

13. Visiting Alhambra in Granada

Granada is one of Bunny’s favourite cities in Europe - probably because it doesn’t feel European at all. Hopping around in the old Muslim quarter, Albayzín, had a distinctive Middle Eastern feel. And the Alhambra itself… it is one of those “must see” attractions that should be on everyone’s bucket list, Bunny thinks.

14. Hiking the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast

It is a widely-known fact that the Amalfi Coast in Italy has absolutely gorgeous scenery. What is less known is that the coast is best admired from above, from the excellent and aptly-named hiking route: the Path of the Gods. It is an approximately 3-hour hike with amazing views all along the way.

Image of the Alhambra
Image of Sri Lanka tea trails
Image of the Path of Gods

The Alhambra, Sri Lankan tea trails and the Path of Gods on the Amalfi coast

15. Standing on Red Square in Snowfall

Bunny has a love-hate relationship with Moscow. However, the one place she has always loved is Red Square. She can stand there for hours and just feel the weight of Russian history all around her. The most magical moments happen in winter, when heavy snow flakes start falling from the sky and (most) people hurry indoors, leaving the square relatively empty, save for Lenin. You can always count on his company.

16. Strolling Around Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic

This little fairy-tale town was built around a 13th century castle in South Bohemia. It has Renaissance architecture, lovely cobbled streets, quaint houses, picturesque alleyways and droves of tourists… Bunny enjoyed a delightful stay there as part of her Bohemia tour and engaged in some intensive beer-tasting activities in town.

17. Whale-Spotting on a Lighthouse Picnic in Newfoundland

After several days of rain, the gorgeous sunny day, the exquisite seaside setting, the delicious food and the best possible company would have already been enough… But then there was also a guest appearance by a whale, clearly visible from Bunny’s picnic spot. The lighthouse picnic is her fondest memory from Canada.

18. Enjoying a Rooftop Jacuzzi on Miami’s South Beach

Bunny’s favourite Miami hotel, Como by Metropolitan, has an amazing rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi. Bunny loves to hang out there at sunset, admiring the views of the South Beach, ocean liners in the distance and the colours of the sky as the sun goes down. This scene never gets old.

19. Exploring Iceland’s Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Jokulsarlon is one of Bunny’s favourite places in the world. Yes, it might be approximately 20C degrees too cold for her liking at any time of the year but it is achingly beautiful. She just loves to hop along the shore, gawking at the icebergs and admiring their amazing shades of blue and turquoise glistering in the sunlight.

Image of Bunny at Como Miami
Image of a lighthouse picnic
Image of Jokulsarlon

Como Metropolitan Miami rooftop jacuzzi, lighthouse picnic in Newfoundland and Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon in Iceland

20. Snorkelling in Cenotes in Yucatan

This is one of Mr. Bunny’s favourite experiences. He loves snorkelling and he loves caves. What could be better than combining the two? The water in the cenotes, which are underground sink holes found (among other places) in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, is amazingly clear. The atmosphere is almost otherworldly, particularly if you happen to hit the right spots at the right time, without the tour groups and other annoying people.

21. Star-Gazing from Your Private Pool in the UAE Desert

It is probably not one of Bunny’s most ecologically conscious moments but she did thoroughly enjoy her stay at Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara  in Abu Dhabi’s Empty Quarter. There was a whole lot of sand and even more luxury. The private plunge pool under the star-lit desert sky was just something else.

22. Visiting “The Gate to Hell” in Turkmenistan

The Darvaza gas crater is definitely the most intriguing sight in Turkmenistan. It is a huge 20-metre burning gas crater in the middle of the Karakum desert, a result of a Soviet drilling accident in the 1970s. It is a spooky place, particularly at night. It is also very remote, with no facilities whatsoever, but still worth the long drive from the capital Ashgabat.

23. Cycling in the Wachau Valley

Cycling along the famous Donau river in the Wachau valley of Austria on a sunny summer day is a wonderful experience. The views of the picturesque towns and vineyards are stunning and the cycling is flat and easy. And at the end of the route, there is always delicious wine waiting for a weary cyclist…

24. Seeing Elephants Up Close for the First Time

On Bunny’s first ever safari, in Tsavo National Park in Kenya, a herd of elephants emerged from nowhere in the cover of darkness to drink from the watering hole built next to the lodge she was staying at. She can still remember the shivers that ran through her spine for the next 15 minutes while the herd gorged on the cool water just meters from her. There’s nothing like experiencing a close encounter with wildlife for the first time.

Image of Bunny in Turkmenistan
Image of the Wachau valley
Image of an elephant

The Darwaza gas crater, Wachau Valley in Austria and a close encounter with an African elephant

25. Swimming with the Sea Turtles in Tobago Cays Marine Park

Tobago Cays Marine Park in St. Vincent and the Grenadines comprises five gorgeous uninhabited cays, amazingly clear turquoise water, beautiful beaches, shallow coral reefs, colourful fish and a friendly population of sea turtles. It is a snorkeler’s paradise. Bunny has visited three times and absolutely loves swimming with the turtles there.

26. Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Four days of hiking in the mountains, approximately the distance of a marathon, at an altitude of up to four kilometres, without shower facilities. This was the deal and still Bunny signed up, young and foolish as she was. She is happy to report that the end reward, the mysterious lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, basking in the morning sunlight, was totally worth the trouble.

27. Wellness Hotels in Austria

Nobody does wellness hotels better than Austrians. Bunny has enjoyed dozens of amazing weekends in different wellness hotels all around Austria. They are sleek and modern. The facilities are topnotch, the food is delicious and healthy and the spa complexes are the best she has experienced anywhere in the world. Only the service is sometimes, well, very Austrian.

28. Wildlife Safari in Private Game Reserves in South Africa

There is a safari experience and then there is a safari experience in a private game reserve in South Africa - something else altogether! Luxuriating in the middle of the game reserve, being pampered and plied with drinks from dusk until dawn, whilst observing the most amazing and intimate wildlife moments in the world. Truly unforgettable.

29. Drunken Karaoke in Tokyo

Can one visit Tokyo and not do karaoke? Apparently not. Bunny’s shy and has zero singing skills so she decided to go heavy on the drinks and music, performing a drunken duet of Metallica’s Enter Sandman with Mr. Bunny. Let’s just say the applause were not deafening.

Image of Tobago Cays
Image of Machu Picchu
Image of Dulini lodge

Tobago Cays Marine park, Machu Picchu and Bunny at Dulini lodge in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve in South Africa

30. Staying in a Luxurious Cave in Italy

This is cave-dwelling on another level. Sextantio le Grotte Della Civita in a restored ancient cave complex, transformed into an amazing boutique hotel in Matera, Italy. Think meticulously preserved stone walls and floors, rustic furniture, candle lit spaces and indulgent baths in a luxurious stand-alone tub in the middle of the room. Needless to say, Bunny loved this place!

31. Wandering in Ancient Silk Road Cities in Uzbekistan

Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva... The names alone evoke exotic visions. Bunny loves them all and has visited multiple times. It is like stepping back in time, despite the growing popularity of tourism. Uzbekistan may not be the easiest country to visit but the sights are certainly rewarding.

32. Standing on Top of a Mayan Pyramid in Tikal

Tikal, a large city and ceremonial centre of the ancient Maya civilization in Guatemala, is an imposing sight. There are massive Mayan temples and steep pyramids surrounded by thick jungle and interesting wildlife. You can climb one of the pyramids and the views from the top are incredible.

33. Doing a Food Tour in Seoul

What to do in a massive foreign capital city if you are a vegetarian and want to check out the local food scene but don’t speak the language? You go on a food tour with a local guide and visit all kinds of back-alley establishments and eat weird-looking fare that you are told is vegetarian. A delicious experience!

34. Hiking at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Lake Bohinj in the Triglav National Park in Slovenia may not be as famous as Lake Bled but it has plenty of charms in its own right. The lake may not have a church in the middle of it but it has tranquility and a sense of remoteness missing from Lake Bled. Bunny loved hiking at Lake Bohinj!

Image of Sextantio le Grotte Della Civita
Image of Khiva
Image of Tikal

Cave hotel in Matera, Silk Road city of Khiva in Uzbekistan and Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala

35. Hiking in the Dolomites

Dolomites is Bunny’s hiking paradise! Gorgeous views abound and the actual hiking is quite easy and flat. The paths are well-marked, the mountains impressive, the sun shining and the food Italian. What’s not to like?

36. Orhei Vechi Cave Monastery in Moldova

The archeological complex of Orhei Vechi in Moldova is a fascinating site close to the capital of Chisinau. Bunny adored the Eastern Orthodoxy monastery carved into a gigantic limestone cliff above a scenic river. A handful of monks still live in this tiny, tranquil place with a splendid view of the river and its surrounding countryside.

37. Swimming with Stingrays in Grand Cayman

Stingray City, a series of shallow sandbars in Grand Cayman, can be quite a circus if you get there when it is busy. Bunny made sure she was there before the cruise ships hordes arrived and enjoyed an hour of amazing playtime alone with dozens of friendly stingrays. 

38. Visiting Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando

Yes, it is cheesy but it is also a lot of fun. Mr. Bunny had the best day of his life immersed in all things Star Wars, taking a trip down memory lane. Bunny enjoyed and dreaded the rides in equal measure.

39. Enjoying the Finnish Lakes at a Summer Cottage 

Finland is (often) hell during winter time and heaven during summer. There is no cleaner air or more beautiful, peaceful surroundings than at a Finnish lakeside summer cottage in July. And blissful long summer days there always end with sauna and a cold beer. Bunny heaven!

Image of Dolomites
Image of Grand Cayman
Image of a Finnish summer cottage

Hiking in Dolomites, Stingray City in Grand Cayman and summer cottage life in Finland

40. Sailing on the Li River in Yangshuo

Bunny went on an early morning sailing trip on the Li River in Yangshuo, China. Bunny not only had the whole boat to herself and her companion, but also almost the whole river. The fairy-tale scenery surrounding her was unreal.

41. Luxury Riad Experience in Morocco

Bunny loves the look of Moroccan Riads! When she visited Marrakech, she had a difficult time choosing her hotels due to the abundance of possibilities. Her chosen Riads, La Sultana and Kniza, were the epitomes of Moroccan luxury and service.

42. Experiencing the Golden Temple in India

For this trip, the ever-reliable Turkmenistan Airlines was 10 hours late landing at Armritsar in Northern India. At one point, Bunny was worried that she would completely miss the main attraction, the Golden Temple, as she only had one day to spare in the city. Luckily the temple is open 24h a day. Bunny’s eventual visit happened late in the evening, with mist and darkness surrounding the beautiful and mysterious complex. Bunny was totally mesmerised.

43. Touring Cappadocia in Turkey

Not brave enough to take in the sights by hot air balloon, Bunny settled for touring Cappadocia’s otherworldly scenery by foot and car. The area’s natural wonders, particularly the fairy chimneys, and staying in a lovely cave hotel made a big impression on Bunny.

44. Photographing Venice in Winter Time

Venice is simply too busy for Bunny in the summer months. She loves to go there in winter instead. It’s quiet, it’s atmospheric and it’s gorgeous. If you are lucky, there is sunshine, empty streets and the kind of magic that is impossible to find during the busier summer months. Venice is also perfect for photography in winter time.

Image of Li River
Image of Riyad Kniza
Image of Venice

River cruising in China, Riyad Kniza in Marrakech and winter time Venice

45. London Eye with a Splash of Prosecco

The London Eye is pretty impressive at any time but go at sunset and opt for the ride including prosecco. You avoid the queues and enjoy the beautiful London skyline with a glass of bubbly at hand. Bunny had a swell time.

46. Luxurious Rovos Rail from South Africa to Victoria Falls

This is one of the most luxurious and fabulous things Bunny has ever done. Three days across South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe, being plied with cocktails and delicious food in the vintage luxury train of the Rovos Rail.

47. Driving California Pacific Coast Highway

Bunny is not much of a driver. She hated driving in LA and could not get out of the city fast enough. But once she hit the Pacific Coast Highway she was in heaven. The views! The feeling! The relative emptiness! This is America at its best, if you ask Bunny.

48.  Walking in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

This is Croatia’s most popular tourist destination and deservedly so. Try and visit outside the busy season to avoid the worst of the crowds. The waters are impossibly green and turquoise and you feel like you’re in a different world altogether.

49. Experiencing Liechtenstein 

OK, let's admit it: Bunny may have been motivated to visit Liechtenstein mainly to score a new country on her travel list but she ended up being very impressed with this tiny country. Staying in the lovely Parkhotel Sonnenhof, she was able to hike around castles during the day and enjoy the hotel’s Michelin star restaurant in the evenings.

Image of London Eye
Image of the Rovos Rail
Image of the Pacific Coast Highway

The London Eye, Rovos Rail in South Africa and scenery along the Pacific Coast Highway in California

50. Strolling the Streets of Amsterdam

Bunny has visited Amsterdam a few times and never tires of just strolling around this beautiful city. Not one for the special “cafe culture” on offer, Bunny is happy to drink, dine and shop to her heart’s content.

51. Visiting the Dambulla Cave Temple in Sri Lanka

This was Bunny’s favourite sight in Sri Lanka. Dambulla includes five different cave temples, with more than 150 Buddha images between them. Some of the Buddha statues are gigantic and they all represent various epochs of the Sinhalese culture. The carvings and paintings are intricate and the caves have a beautiful atmosphere.

52. Cruising the Caribbean in Luxury

Some Caribbean cruises have a dubious reputation and sometimes they can be bad. You just have to know how to do it right. Book with MSC Divina and reserve a place in the Yacht Club. Yes, you will pay considerably more but you will be cruising in a ship within a ship, with exclusive amenities, butler service, unlimited drinks, fabulous dinners, beautiful cabin facilities, preferential treatment when entering and leaving the ship… It really is the better kind of cruising.

53. Admiring the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha

Located on the Corniche of Qatar’s capital, Doha, the Museum of Islamic Art is gorgeous inside and out. The architecture of the building is stunning and the collection of islamic art inside is world class and beautifully arranged. Bunny doesn’t normally go museum crazy but she really enjoyed her visit to this spectacular exhibition.

54. Cycling around La Digue in the Seychelles

La Digue has one of Bunny’s all-time favourite beaches: Anse Source d’Argent. The imposing granite formations have made this beach the perennial star of many travel brochures and advertisements. And it is stunning. La Digue itself is a charming island where most transportation is still done by bicycle. It is quiet, gorgeous and safe to cycle around the tiny island.

Image of the Dambulla Cave Temple
Image of Museum of Islamic Art
Image of MSC Divina

The Dambulla Cave Temple, Museum of Islamic Art and cruising aboard MSC Divina 

55. Hopping around Bruges, Sampling Beer

Picturesque squares, beer, lovely cobbled streets, beer, well-preserved medieval buildings, beer, pretty canals, beer, delicious chocolate… Did Bunny mention the beer already? Bruges is Bunny’s favourite Belgian town and as she spent more than three years living in the country she should know. And if you are wondering about the beer: you’ll never go wrong with Leffe Blonde.

56. Rooftop Pool with a View of the Singapore Skyline

Singapore skyline is truly a marvel. And no less so when enjoyed from a magnificent rooftop infinity pool, with a tasty cocktail in hand. Bunny loved her stay at the Fullerton Bay Hotel.

57.  Exploring Jerusalem by Foot

Bunny hates all religions (almost) equally but absolutely adores the most religious city in the world. Jerusalem is just bewildering! Bunny cannot get enough of the church bells and calls for prayer, the exotic hats and weird garments, the fervour, the history, the madness of it all. And she keeps returning to Jerusalem, a city which never ceases to amaze her…

58. Staying in the Smallest Hotel in the World

Central Hotel and Cafe in the Vesterbro neighbourhood of Copenhagen, Denmark, has only one room above an equally tiny cafe downstairs. Bunny felt very special staying the night in the quaint room with plenty of thoughtful details and hidden charms. And the staff downstairs could not have been nicer.

59. Climbing the Piton in St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s has two distinctive mountainous volcanic plugs, Pitons, that tower over most photos taken on this Caribbean island. When Bunny visited, she knew immediately that she had to climb to the top of one them. The ascent looks impossibly steep when you admire it from afar but it is totally doable. And the views at the summit are worth all the sweat and trouble.

Image of Jerusalem
Image of Central Hotel and Cafe
Image of St. Lucia

Bunny's favourite experiences from Jerusalem to Copenhagen to St. Lucia

60. Island-Hopping in Greece

Bunny is yet to embark on a full island-hopping tour of Greece but she has had some tasters of the islands on a couple of trips. The white-washed houses, the simple but elegant style, the deep blue sea, the grilled halloumi cheese… She cannot wait to spend a longer time in Greece!

61. Gambling in Las Vegas Bunny-Style

Bunny has only been to Vegas once. She decided to live large and put aside five dollars for some reckless gambling in Bellagio where she was staying. The excitement didn’t last very long but she was happy to have saved her money for more worthy purposes later on the trip. Bunny thinks Vegas is overrated but you have to go there yourself to be able to say that…

62. Visiting Painted Byzantine Churches in Cyprus

This was a surprising highlight on Bunny’s visit to Cyprus. Some of the old churches were difficult to find and some had locked doors for which you had to go searching for keys, but all of them were incredibly atmospheric and had fabulous frescoes. The best part was the serenity - there were no tourist busses in sight, particularly since Bunny travelled off-season.

63. Having a Picnic on a Deserted Island in Grenada

Grenada is full of gorgeous beaches and small islands. Bunny’s favourite is Sandy Island, off the coast of Carriacou, one of the sister islands making up Grenada. Sandy Island is an idyllic sandbank with palm trees and gorgeous snorkelling. It is totally deserted most of time, except for pelicans, so come here with a picnic basket and enjoy your Robinson Crusoe moment in style.

64. Romantic Candle-Light Dinner in the Vienna Ferris Wheel

Once upon a time, when the Bunnies were still kind of romantic, they opted for a candle-light dinner for two in the Wiener Riesenrad - Vienna’s famous Ferris Wheel. Dining at 65 metres above the ground in a moving ferris wheel at night was a very special experience indeed. The food and service were not bad either.

Image of Bunny in Greece
Image of Las Vegas
Image of Sandy Island

Island-hopping in Greece, gambling in Las Vegas and having a picnic on a deserted island in Grenada

65. Petra by Night

Visiting Petra is an unforgettable experience at any time of the day, but especially the candle-lit night tour. It is incredible! With 1,500 candles lit up in the Siq and the Treasury, the atmosphere is magical. Just make sure there are not too many Italians in your group because it seems they cannot shut up for a second.

66. Visiting a Nightclub in Muscat, Oman

After some arduous hiking in the Omani desert, Bunny made her way to a nightclub in the capital, Muscat. There she was, momentarily lost, standing in a nightclub in Muscat, with a beer in hand, listening to a local band covering a Metallica song. This must be globalisation, she thought.

67. Wine Tasting in Rural Hungary

Hungarian wine is surprisingly good! Particularly the whites and sparkling wines. Bunny has had excellent wine-tasting experiences both in the small Somlo wine region and in Etyek, just a stone’s throw from Budapest. The countryside with its quaint houses and cute gardens provide the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of wine exploration in the Hungarian style.

68. Day Trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana

Chobe National Park in Botswana's far northeastern corner is easily accessible from Zambia on a day trip. Bunny did just that and experienced wildlife galore, including elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes and more during her memorable day in Botswana.

69. Camping in Fjord Norway

Bunny is not much of a camper, unless we are talking about luxury tents in the desert or in private game reserves in Africa. She recently made an exception to this rule and went on a real camping adventure in Fjord Norway. It was just two nights in a tent, whilst kayaking and hiking through her days and she loved the experience. Washing in the sea and drinking water from waterfalls was something new for her. And the red wine, generously poured by her hosts during the fire side dinners in the evenings, made sleeping in real tents actually bearable.

Image of wine-tasting
Image of an elephant
Image of Fjord Norway

Wine-tasting in rural Hungary, wildlife gawking in Botswana and kayaking in Norway

70. Enjoying Cocktails at the New York Bar Tokyo

Yes, it is that famous bar from the film Lost in Translation. It has an amazing view, live jazz and a lot of sophistication. And you can channel your inner Scarlett Johansson downing those deliciously overpriced cocktails on the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt hotelA must do in Tokyo.

71. Horseback Riding on the Beach in Barbados

A gorgeous deserted sandy beach, wind in your hair, a beautiful horse galloping underneath you on the shoreline… That, plus an additional entertainment provided by your friend constantly falling off his horse. Hilarious and exhilarating at the same time.

72. Touring the Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia

This is the world’s largest religious monument. Bunny took two days to go through the main sights in a tuk-tuk, with a guidebook at hand. And it was so much more than the Tomb Raider vision she had had in her mind!

73. Staying in a Remote Mountain Lodge in Lesotho

Staying in the luxury lodge Maliba inside the Tsehlanyane National Park in Northern Lesotho was a memorable experience for Bunny. She went horse-riding in the beautiful rugged terrain and did not see a soul. She also did a 6-hour hike in the mountains in glorious sunshine that nearly killed her in the end.

74. Strolling the Streets of Stone Town in Zanzibar

Walking around Stone Town in Zanzibar feels like stepping back in time. Lime-washed buildings, rich cultural heritage, old colonial vibes, the smell of spices, the colours, the vibrant energy, the markets, the architecture… Stone Town simply oozes that exoticism that Bunny adores.

Image of Angkor Wat
Image of Zanzibar
Image of Lesotho

Exploring Angkor Wat, admiring Zanzibar and hiking in Lesotho

75. Visiting the Giza Pyramids in Egypt

Climbing inside one of the pyramids in Egypt is actually quite a claustrophobic experience. Bunny much prefers admiring them from outside. There is something quite majestic about them, despite all the surrounding tourist circus.

76. Doing Luscious Yoga and Being Pampered in Bali Spa

Staying in the gorgeous Como Shambhala Estate in the jungle just outside Ubud in Bali, Bunny enjoyed the best yoga and spa treatments of her life. The estate just oozes well-being, natural beauty, tranquility and balance - with a hefty price tag to boot.

77. Cycling around Luang Prabang in Laos

Bicycle is a great way to get around charming Luang Prabang in Laos. It is relatively flat and not quite as chaotic as one would expect. Bunny thoroughly enjoyed cycling down small alleys and along the beautiful Mekong river.

78. Staying at Royal Livingstone Hotel at Victoria Falls

Lazing by the picture-perfect pool at Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia, a cool cocktail in hand, admiring the spray raising from the nearby Victoria Falls, whilst zebras were grazing nearby, Bunny thought she was a very lucky Bunny indeed. This thought soon gave way to more mundane pondering, but the moment still stays with her.

79. Seeing Turtles Laying Eggs in Sabah, Malaysia

Bunny had the rare opportunity of seeing a green turtle laying eggs at night in Selingan island in the Turtle Island Park in Sabah, Malaysia. She also witnessed the release of some hatched baby turtles into the sea and bewildered at their 1/1000 chance of surviving to adulthood.

Image of Como Shambhala Estate
Image of a pyramid
Image of Royal Livingstone Hotel

At the Como Shambhala Estate in Bali, Giza Pyramids in Egypt and Victoria Falls in Zambia

80. Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef

Truth be told, Bunny had a terrible hangover when snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. She ended up having to return to the boat early, spending the rest of the trip puking. It was an experience nevertheless. Oh, those wildly stupid days of her youth…

81. Interacting with Snow Monkeys in Japan

Out of principle, Bunny never visits any zoos, most of them would just make her incredibly sad anyway. Who wants to see sad captive animals in (often) miserable conditions? Things are very different at Arashiyama monkey park near Kyoto. It is a mountain side where the snow monkeys roam free and the human visitors coming to admire them are in cages instead. Brilliant!

82.  Horse-riding in the Kyrgyz Mountains

It is sometimes said that the Kyrgyz people were born on a horse. The best way to see the country is on horseback, following the ancient way of life of these nomadic people. Bunny’s horseback riding expedition in Kyrgyzstan lasted only for two days but she got a nice taste of  the mountains and scenery. She simply must to return one day to stay in a yurt!

83. Staying in an Eco Lodge in Costa Rica’s Cloud Forrest

Staying in a secluded eco lodge, appropriately named El Silencio, in a private cloud forest reserve in Costa Rica has been one of Bunny’s most tranquil travel experiences. The peace and quiet, the excellent food, the majestic nature surrounding you… Simply divine.

84. Visiting the Vatican Drunk

Do you sense a theme to some of Bunny’s best travel experiences? Bunny gets slightly intoxicated at times… On this occasion, doing so made it easier to absorb the bloody past of the Catholic religion. The Vatican is impressive in any case, and even more so when you enter slightly tipsy.

Image of a snow monkey
Image of Kyrgyzstan
Image of El Silence lodge

A snow monkey in Japan, horse-riding in Kyrgyzstan and enjoying the silence in Costa Rica

85. Horse-Riding in the Sea in Jamaica

Horse-riding on the beach is lovely but horse-riding in the sea is even better - at least for the rider, not so much for the poor horse, Bunny suspects. Her exhilarating experience on a remote beach in Jamaica was organised by a small locally operated business so the Bunnies had the beach to themselves. 

86. Tapas in San Sebastian

San Sebastian doesn’t get its culinary reputation for no reason. Even as a vegetarian, Bunny had the best tapas ever wandering around the best pintxo bars in the city some years ago. The beer was not bad either…

87. Hiking Around the Big Almaty Lake

Bunny has spent a fair amount of time in Kazakhstan and one of her favourite places is the Big Almaty Lake just outside the former capital. The surrounding mountains and the turquoise water of the scenic lake are something to see.

88. Canoeing in Caves in Belize

Belize may well be a haven for sea kayaking but Bunny’s best canoeing experience happened in a pitch black cave at Barton Creek, near San Ignacio. Drifting past ancient Mayan artefacts, remains of human skulls and imposing stalactites and stalagmites in an eerie cave, lit up only by the guide’s flashlight… Bunny may or may not have been a bit spooked a couple of times but she would go again tomorrow in a heartbeat.

89. Weirdness in Iran

Bunny hated wearing the damn head scarf but had no other option if she wanted to explore fascinating Iran. Believe it or not, there’s even a Wikileaks cable about Bunny’s visit to Iran! But good luck googling for it. :)

90. Chilling in Summer Time Berlin

Bunny’s highlight of Germany has been soaking up the artsy and funky atmosphere in Berlin, from art exhibitions to beer gardens to rooftop cocktail bars. She thinks Berlin oozes uber cool.

Image of the Big Almaty Lake
Image of canoeing in Belize
Image of Mashhad, Iran

Bunny's extraordinary experiences in Kazakhstan, Belize and Iran

91. Swimming in Waterfalls in Dominica

Bunny’s fondest memory from the small Caribbean island of Dominica is her hike under the rainforest canopy, scrambling over rocks and boulders and making a number of river crossings, to arrive at beautiful waterfalls in the jungle. Swimming in the cool waterfalls at the end of the hike was heavenly.

92. Hiking in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is probably not at the top of many people’s bucket list but there is some amazing hiking in this remote Central Asian country. Bunny has only dabbled the hiking scene in Tajikistan but she was impressed with the remoteness and unspoilt beauty of it all. You get the place to yourself, and what you may lack in amenities and decent (vegetarian!) food, you win in solitude, natural beauty and peace.

93. Kayaking in Sea Caves in Malta

Bunny went kayaking in Gozo, Malta’s tinier island, with a local guide on a gorgeous sunny September day. Mostof the tourist hordes had left Malta by that time and Bunny could enjoy kayaking in the Mediterranean's crystal blue waters in relative peace and quiet. The highlights were the fascinating (and tight!) sea caves and a well-deserved swim in the gorgeous Blue Lagoon at the end of the outing.

94. Wandering the Quiet Streets of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The famous Old Bridge, Mostar’s Stari Most, is a major tourist draw in Bosnia-Herzegovina. As a consequence, the ambience in this historical town often resembles a circus the closer you are to the bridge. Bunny advises to go outside the busy season and stay the night - the town and the bridge are best enjoyed late in the evening or early in the morning when the hordes are not around and the atmosphere is just right.

95.  Safari on Foot in Zimbabwe

It is a different feeling altogether when you embark on a safari on foot, rather than in the safety of a jeep, no matter how open the vehicle is. Bunny has done a walking safari only once, in Zimbabwe but remains proud of herself to this day.

Image of waterfalls
Image of sea kayaking
Image of Mostar by night

Swimming in waterfalls in Dominica, sea kayaking in Malta and photographing the Stari Most in Bosnia & Herzegovina

96. Loving Life in Tulum

Tulum is one of Bunny’s favourite places in the world. The beach is amazing, the food is divine, the Margaritas delicious, the yoga, the colours, the cenotes, the everything… It is a happy place that she keeps returning to, hopefully still many times to come.

97. Visiting Jesus’ Birthplace in Bethlehem

Bunny may be an atheist but she still thinks Jesus was pretty cool. Visiting his birthplace in Bethlehem was a special occasion. Much to the horror of Mr. Bunny, she also managed to snap a selfie with good old baby Jesus when no other tourists were around.

98. Staying in Private Villa with a Gorgeous Pool in Provence

When Bunny did Provence a couple of years ago, she did it in style. She rented a gorgeous (and remote) pool villa for the whole Bunny family as a base for exploring the region and having some fun together. It was a glorious spring week, with roses blooming in the villa garden and the cyprus-lined heated pool in heavy use by the cocktail-loving Bunny family.

99. Drinking Guinness in Dublin

This is the one and only time Bunny has downed a pint of Guinness in her life. And it tasted.. alright. It’s just one of those things you need to do in Dublin, apparently. The sun was shining, there was outdoor seating in the pub and the birds were probably singing.

100. Enjoying Georgian Food in the Kazbegi Mountains

Bunny loves Georgian food! Eating delicious Georgian dinner with local wine in the gorgeous Rooms Hotel in Kazbegi, after an exhilarating hike to the Gergeti Trinity Church earlier in the day, was Bunny’s highlight in the country. The Caucasus mountains provide a stunning background to this special place, replete with good food and wine.

Image of Bunny in Provence
Image of a yoga deck
Image of Kazbek mountains

Drinking wine in Provence, doing yoga in Tulum and hiking in the Kazbegi Mountains

Image of Bunny paw prints

Bunny is a seasoned traveler (90+ countries so far) so she has learned a few things along the way, mostly through trial and error. Here are her most important travel principles.

  1. Never Book a Hotel Without First Checking the Reviews on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is Bunny’s travel bible. She would not even dream of booking a hotel or tour without first checking the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Hotel and travel company websites can be so misleading. You should expect that they toot they own horn and bend the truth to their advantage. You should make sure you don’t fall victim to their little lies. 

This is where independent review sites come in handy, be it TripAdvisor or similar sites. A sample of random people’s opinions about a place or service is almost always more reliable than believing the hype on the business’ own website, Bunny says.

Glossy online professional photos should also be taken with a (grain) of salt. When even ordinary people can do wonders with wide-angle lenses, filters and clever points of view, just imagine what the real professional can master. Swiping through reviewer photos on TripAdvisor is always a good reality check if something looks too good to be true.

2. Avoid Children

Bunny is not a particularly child-friendly animal. Over the years, she has noticed that everyone is better off if Bunny stays in establishments that are meant for adults only. And no, she doesn’t mean brothels, but rather hotels and guest houses that cater specifically for the adult folk. Bunny is a great supporter of this segregation!

Life with children is very different, Bunny says from her experience of rearing precisely zero offspring. In today’s world, where people crave for more and more individual, personally tailored experiences, why would they have to suffer someone else’s children? The tantrums, the screaming, the hustle, even the happy laughter of children can set Bunny off. (She may be a hater but at least she is upfront about it). So Bunny very much welcomes and embraces establishments geared towards adult guests only.

3. Avoid Crowds

Bunny HATES crowds. Almost no experience is great enough to brave awful crowds, Bunny says. She makes an exception for the odd Metallica gig but, otherwise, this is a pretty solid principle.

Bunny cannot appreciate experiencing anything if 3000 Chinese tourists are breathing down her neck doing the same thing at the same time.

Being an anti-social little rabbit, Bunny almost wrote this travel principle as “avoid people” but she does have some tolerance for human kind. She is not one to travel to make new friends, to have delightful talks with local tribesmen or to learn about new cultures by doing crafts with villagers but she is not totally opposed to a little chat with an exotic stranger every now and then.

4. Use Your Money Smartly

Bunny’s travelling is all about smart luxury. She loves her luxuries but she is not exactly a millionaire, so she has to work hard to stretch her pennies as far as her imagination. This is why she carefully compares prices and offers before actually booking anything. 

One of Bunny’s pet peeves is having to pay a lot of extra for food, drink or services when staying in high-end establishments. To avoid these kinds of ripoffs, Bunny is known to organise in-room picnics even in the most distinguished hotels of the world.

Bunny is also a big fan of various loyalty programs, be it for airlines, hotel chains or something else. Every time she books something, Bunny thinks how that could translate into miles or loyalty points in any of the programs she subscribes to. It does pay off when you do this consistently.

5. Avoid Travel in High Season

This should be a no-brainer but unfortunately many people are still tied to official holidays. Only a fool travels at Christmas, New Year or Easter time, unless unavoidable. If you need to travel at a peak time, try and pick a destination that is unusual for that time of the year, or book waaay in advance.

If you want to dive with whale sharks and there is only one season to do so, by all means, go for it. If you want to experience New York, don’t be an idiot and go at New Year - unless you specifically want to see that ball drop (cheese alert).

Some of Bunny’s best travel experiences have happened in weird places at weird times. You should try it.

6. Make the Most of Your Leave Days

Bunny is no longer tied to an office desk (yeah), but she has retained some of the travel habits derived from the times when leave days were scarce and every second counted. For Bunny, this means maximising your time at the destination.

Yes, this often means early-morning flights, overnight trains, returning home after midnight and going to the office the next morning with only three hours of sleep. You will be miserable, but if you are anything like Bunny, you would be miserable returning to work after a wonderful holiday anyway. What’s the big deal? It is better to spend an extra half day in paradise or on an adventure than to be well-rested for work.

There is nothing more precious than time, Bunny says. Make sure you spend the bulk of it somewhere worthwhile.

7. Do Your Research

Bunny likes to be in control of things that she can control. That is why she does a lot of research into her travels. There is nothing more empowering than knowledge. So, Bunny reads everything about her travel destinations in advance, what to do, where to stay, where to eat, and what to skip. 

She pours over reviews, blogs and online discussion forums before she makes any important decisions about her travel. She doesn’t always get it 100% right but at least she knows she has worked very hard to create the best travel experience possible. And if and when things go wrong, there is only one person to blame: Mr. Bunny! 

Bunny also has the habit of reading fiction either about the place she visits or by an author hailing from that place. She much prefers getting the feel of the place from novels than from actually talking to the people living there. Welcome to the anti-social travel blog!

8. Pay Extra for Comfort

Although Bunny is oftentimes a budget-conscious traveller, she has no trouble shelling out some extra bills if it will bring her extra comfort or help her avoid the dreaded queueing or crowds. 

She is known to take taxis when the local bus route seems exhaustingly complicated or time-consuming. She is happy to buy tickets to attractions in advance online, perhaps even opting for an upgraded experience where available (check out the Exclusive Lounge at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland - as a photo text). She loves small, custom-made tours instead of joining bigger groups of (inevitably) annoying tourists.

Yes, these experiences cost more but they are also worth every penny Bunny decides to invest for the purpose. Cheaper is not always, or even often, better, Bunny says. There is a time to save money, and there is a time to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

9. Take Lots of Pictures

Bunny is not a big souvenir buyer. In fact, she often returns from her travels completely empty-handed. Pictures are her souvenirs. She rarely goes anywhere without her camera, or at the very least, her iPhone in her paws. You never know when the perfect picture opportunity will present itself. 

Photos also serve as great reminders of what Bunny has seen, where she has visited and what she has done. Bunny’s memory is not what it used to be, so it is good not to rely too much on the failing memory alone…

10. Wake Up Early

OK, let’s start with a confession: this is not Bunny’s forte. It is really more of a goal than reality. But that said, every time Bunny manages to drag her bones out of bed at the crack of dawn, wonderful things happen! There are gorgeous sunrises, magical crowd-free experiences at popular sites, amazing light for photography, active wildlife in search of their first prey, quiet and tranquil streets, an exhilarating feeling of being out there, doing things, living to the fullest. 

Bunny is definitely making an effort to be an early-riser every single day of her travels - it’s just so damn hard to leave the delicious bed sometimes…