Bunny’s Review of Como Metropolitan Miami

Bunny is a huge fan of Como hotels​. She hasn't visited all of them (yet) but doing so is quite high on her list of important things to achieve in her lifetime.

A couple of years ago, when Bunny was in Miami for the first time, it was clear to her that she would stay nowhere else than Como Metropolitan on the South Beach. Since then, she has returned a number of times and the hotel (and the service) just keeps getting better!

Image of rooftop jacuzzi
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Bunny spent a couple of nights of her honeymoon at Como Metropolitan

Como Quality

She loves the property, a renovated art deco building, the simple but stylish design, the heavenly Como products, the service and even the relatively quiet location. The hotel has that elusive, almost mysterious, Como quality that the owner, Singaporean businesswoman Christina Ong, has managed to transport to all of the 14 Como properties around the world.

Good Value

Como hotels do not come cheap in any sense of the word but Como Metropolitan is very good value in Miami. Even the smallest (cheapest) rooms are beautiful and relaxing with pastel colors, cool floors, beautiful bathrooms and enough space not to feel cramped. Most importantly, staying in any of the 74 rooms will give you equal access to the fabulous facilities and amenities: the Como Shambhala urban escape spa, the rooftop jacuzzi, the pool and, of course, the Como beach club on the South Beach.

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Fancy Some Yoga?

Yoga is organized every Saturday morning directly on the beach, to the sound of the crashing waves. People walk by while you're downward dogging on your beach towel, feeling smug about yourself and your healthy habits (if only they knew about all the cocktails Bunny had the previous night). After the yoga, you will have sand all over your clothes and sand coming out of your eyes and sand coming out of your wherever (as a certain Mr. Trump would say) but you will feel great, awakened and ready to spend the rest of your glorious Saturday in a fabulous place.

Exquisite Breakfast

At Como Metropolitan, you can indulge in the delicious breakfast served either in the Traymore restaurant or the outdoor terrace. Bunny particularly loves the healthy options, such as yogurts with fresh berries or fruit, smoothie of the day and the egg white kale omelette. There are also various pastries and cakes but those are best left for Mr. Bunny.

Breakfast is perhaps Bunny's favorite meal at the hotel. She has not tried the Traymore restaurant for dinner as options for vegetarians are somewhat limited (Bunny is generally not impressed with food in Miami, go shoot her). On one of her visits, Bunny mentioned the lack of vegetarian options on the menu to the manager and the next time she returned, voilà, a special vegetarian menu was waiting for her in the room! This is Como service at its best.

Room upgrades

Being a regular Como guest (and not just in Miami), Bunny has scored a room upgrade on each of her visits to Como Metropolitan. This is such a nice gesture that she keeps going back, even if it sometimes would make more sense just to stay near the airport for those one night transfers in Miami. But why suffer in the suburbs when you can live it up on the beach!

Image of Como bathroom
Image of Como room
Image of Como bathroom

Speaking of the beach, Bunny enjoys having drinks at the Como beach club, watching the colorful paragliders in action and cruise hips sailing by on their way to exotic locations. It's a relatively quiet spot on the South Beach but still good for people-watching.

Two Very Different but Equally Great Pools

If Bunny feels energetic enough, she might go for a jog on the boardwalk but most often she settles for a swim in the hotel's outdoor pool. The pool area is inviting also for some lounging, not to mention perfectly picturesque for those Instagram shots!

The building also boasts a picturesque rooftop pool with jacuzzi. When sunset approaches, Bunny usually moves to the rooftop which is her favorite spot at the hotel. It has a nice view of the sea, it's often very quiet and it is really luxurious to enjoy the hot bubbles in any weather.

Image of Como Metropolitan Miami
Image of the main pool

Other Facilities for the Active

The rooftop also has a steam room, modest gym and spa facilities. Bunny has enjoyed the steam room (nice scent), the small gym (tall people beware the ceiling when using the treadmill) and, of course, the spa which is absolutely heavenly. Bunny has had the best massage of her life at the spa, by a Cuban masseuse whose name unfortunately escapes her. Bunny has never felt so relaxed in her life. Naturally she fell asleep during the massage and probably passed wind profusely in the process (the latter assumption was graciously offered by Mr. Bunny).

Once, during the very affordable spa month offers, Bunny took private yoga lessons on the rooftop. She was very impressed with the teacher who was gentle yet tough at the same time, getting Bunny even try a headstand which is a pretty tough position for her bottom-heavy composition.

Como Metropolitan Wrap-Up

Como Metropolitan Miami may not be cheap but, in Bunny’s opinion, it offers the overall best value in Miami’s notoriously overpriced, blingy hotel scene. It offers a top notch location and facilities while maintaining a boutique hotel feeling and personalised level of service.

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Looking for Something a Bit More Affordable?

With a similar minimalistic style as Como Metropolitan, Urbanica the Meridian is a more affordable, excellent option on the South Beach. Granted, Urbanica is not located directly on the beach so you will have to walk a bit, but the hotel offers towels and beach chairs for your use during the stay. 

Urbanica also has a small pool, a sundeck and furnished cabana.

Image of Bunny at Urbanica
Image of Bunny at Urbanica pool
Image of Urbanica bathroom

Urbanica the Meridian is another favourite of Bunny's in Miami

Bunny has stayed in the basic double room and club double room. Both were nice but the club room had the added advantage of a higher elevation, balcony and a Nespresso machine. All room types have HD televisions, room service, excellent Wi-Fi, fluffy towels and lovely toiletries. 

What’s more, the hotel’s small cafe in the cool lobby makes excellent avocado sandwiches and everyone gets a welcome Mojito on arrival. Hurrah!