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Bunny’s 7 Days in Bequia

Hiking Ma Peggy

Before visiting Bequia, Bunny had been curious about this small island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a while. Many of her friends in Carriacou had been raving about Bequia, saying that she would love it. Even though Bunny is convinced that she lives on the best island in the Caribbean, surely there would […]

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Best Boat Trips from Carriacou

Carriacou boat trip

Carriacou – the isle of reefs – is surrounded by gorgeous, turquoise waters, perfect for snorkelling and explorations. Carriacou’s beaches are equally stunning, ranging from powdery white sand beaches to beautiful black volcanic bays.One of the best things to do in Carriacou, if you ask Bunny, is to take a boat trip to one of […]

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Is Union Island Worth a Visit?

As seen from the sea

Bunny recently came across a question on TripAdvisor’s travel forum where someone was wondering whether Union Island in the country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is worth a visit. Yes-yes-yes, she wanted to shout! It definitely is.Bunny has the pleasure of seeing this small island (population of 3,500) every day from her house in […]

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Island Hopping in the Grenadines

Think dozens of different shades of turquoise. Think crystal clear waters and white, powdery beaches. Think extensive coral reefs with colourful fish and friendly turtles. Think deserted lagoons and pristine mangrove forests. Think sleepy villages and quaint, colourful houses. Think sail boats bobbing up and down in picturesque bays and super yachts gliding through gentle […]

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Bunny Visits Petite Martinique

First glimpse of PM

Have you ever heard of a small Caribbean island called Petite Martinique? No? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. Few people are aware of this small hideaway and even fewer travel there. Petite Martinique is waaay off the usual tourist trail.That’s what attracted Bunny to visit. Plus, the minor detail that she happens to live […]

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Best Wildlife Experiences: Bunny’s Top 5

Snow monkey

There is nothing more thrilling than witnessing wildlife during your travels. No sort of luxury, big city thrill, Disney experience, or even being on stage with Metallica will come close to the best wildlife encounters in the world, Bunny says. So it is not surprising that many of Bunny’s all-time favourite travel experiences have revolved around […]

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Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Bunny in Bermuda

For years, Bunny has been looking for the most beautiful beach in the world. Although her quest continues, Bunny sure has visited a number of stunning beaches in the process.Bunny’s preferred beaches are usually serene, unspoiled and naturally gorgeous. She doesn’t need fancy hotels, beach bars or other services but those are not necessarily a […]

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Bunny’s Travel Highlights 2018

It is not quite the end of the year yet, but Bunny is eager to sum up her travel experiences in 2018.Year 2018 was an excellent travel year for Bunny! She finally made the long-planned, extended trip to South America, spent a lovely three months on her favourite Caribbean island of Carriacou, celebrated Mr. Bunny’s […]

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Bunny Visits Tobago Cays

Image of sea turtle

What Are Tobago Cays?Tobago Cays is one of those magical places that looks like it has been lifted from the pages of a fancy travel magazine: picture-perfect, awe-inspiring and impossibly turquoise.Tobago Cays Marine Park is located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The area consists of five small islands, or cays, as they are called: […]

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How to Do a Sailing Holiday in the Caribbean

Image of Tobago Cays

Bunny doesn’t think there are many holidays that can top the experience of chartering your own yacht in the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea. Sailing through the aquamarine bays, stopping at deserted islands (literally), strolling on palm-fringed beaches, snorkeling with turtles and sipping cocktails on a hammock on deck – what could be better […]

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