Best Boat Trips from Carriacou

Carriacou boat trip
Sandy Island

Carriacou - the isle of reefs - is surrounded by gorgeous, turquoise waters, perfect for snorkelling and explorations. Carriacou’s beaches are equally stunning, ranging from powdery white sand beaches to beautiful black volcanic bays.

One of the best things to do in Carriacou, if you ask Bunny, is to take a boat trip to one of these beaches or to the nearby uninhabited, small islands. There are plenty to choose from and you do not need a lot of luck to find yourself completely alone on one of these hidden Caribbean gems.

Gorgeous Sandy Island
Mopion island

Check out below for Bunny’s recommendations for the best boat trips from Carriacou.

Sandy Island

Bunny has written about Sandy Island in the past. It has a special place in Bunny’s heart and she is lucky to see it every day from her house.

Sailboats and super yachts at Sandy Island

Everyone who visits Carriacou, should also visit Sandy Island, Bunny says. The easiest way to get to Sandy Island is the short speedboat transfer from Paradise Beach Club. They’ll even give you a break on the trip fare if you eat a meal at their place before or after the trip to Sandy Island. Paradise Beach Club can even prepare food you can take with you for a picnic feeling on Sandy Island.

Boat to Sandy Island
Sandy Island, Carriacou

White Island

White Island is an absolutely gorgeous uninhabited private island just off Carriacou’s southern coast. It has a unique shape with one distinctive hill on its southern side. Other than that, White Island has - wait for it - gorgeous white sand and amazingly beautiful turquoise water.

The best islands near Carriacou

There are also shallow coral reefs and sometimes big fish lurking around. The currents can be strong though so be careful when swimming, especially at the northeastern tip facing Carriacou.

White Island is also for sale. Be prepared to have around 5 million USD to start discussions.

Enjoying White Island
Deserted island bliss

Saline Island

Saline Island is just a short hop from White Island. It has a large salt pond, wild goats and an old lime kiln.

Saline Island in Carriacou

The beach at Saline Island is a bit rocky but the reef is wonderful. Snorkelling is lovely and there are usually lots of turtles around as they use Saline Island as a nesting location. Snorkelling with turtles at Saline Island is one of Bunny’s all-time favourite activities in Carriacou.

Bunny at Saline island
Snorkeling with turtles at Saline island

Please Note

Please note that the island is privately-owned and you should not wander around without the permission of the landowners. Snorkelling in the waters is allowed without permission.

Mabouya Island

Mabouya Island is another gem Bunny can see directly from her house. For some reason, it is not often visited. It’s a tiny, uninhabited island off the western tip of Carriacou.

Deserted beach
View from Maboya

Bunny has visited Mabouya on a kayak a couple of times but rarely sees any boats there. The white sand and coral beach is small but very pretty and always empty. It is also interesting to explore the interior of the island and admire the views towards Carriacou. Snorkelling around Mabouya seems like it could be pretty decent but Bunny is yet to try it herself.

Turquoise water at Maboya
View towards Sandy Island


Mopion, allegedly the smallest island in the Caribbean, is actually part of another country, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, not Grenada. But don’t worry, it’s just a stone’s throw from Carriacou and no-one is coming to check your passport if you decide to go for a little visit.

The smallest island in the Caribbean

Mopion is also known as the ‘umbrella island’ because it is basically just a little spit of land jutting out of turquoise water with a beach palapa stuck in the middle. This is the best place for those Robinson Crusoe Instagram shots, Bunny says. You can also snorkel in the surrounding waters, though there is not much to see.

Bunny visiting Mopion
Gorgeous beach at Mopion

Anse la Roche

Anse la Roche is a gorgeous beach in Northern Carriacou. You will have to either take a boat or hike through a forest to reach the beach, making it all the more alluring.

Anse la Roche beach

Tim’s Sunset Bar & Restaurant is located right on the beach. It offers simple and delicious food and great cocktails, but no bathroom facilities. You can contact Tim directly to organise a boat ride from La Playa restaurant in Hillsborough. This is offered for free if you eat at Tim’s.

Boat to Anse la Roche
Tim's Sunset Bar and Restaurant

Boat Tour Operators in Carriacou

There are a couple of boat tour operators in Carriacou who make day-tripping on the water easy and fun.

Sherwin from Lambi Queen
Froggy Water Taxi

Lambi Queen Tours

Lambi Queen Tours offer various day tours and fishing trips around Carriacou. They operate from Tyrrel Bay and have professional staff, comfortable boats and cold drinks. The tours also include lunch options.

Bunny onboard Lambi Queen boat

Top Tip

Lambi Queen Tours can take you to Union Island in St. Vincent & the Grenadines if you are keen on island-hopping in the Grenadines. It is a short, but choppy, and quite pricey transfer.

Lambi Queen Tour at White Island

Froggy’s Reef Tours/Snorkeling Carriacou

Froggy’s Reef Tours are fun, all-inclusive adventures that last either half a day or a full day. Lunch (Bunny can vouch for the vegetarian option) is served onboard and Froggy will keep you well-hydrated with rum punches and cold beers flowing. Froggy also offers separate water taxi services.

Froggy's tours

Please note that Froggy’s boat doesn’t have a ladder so you’ll have to be somewhat agile to get back on the boat after snorkelling or swimming.

Local Fishermen

You can always ask local fishermen around Tyrrel Bay or Paradise Beach about boat trips. Most of them would be happy to drop you off on any of the islands for an agreed fee. Only pay on the way back to make sure you will also get your return ride, Bunny says with a wink.

Fishermen can be water taxis

MV Paradox

MV Paradox is a vessel that offers a regular connection between Carriacou and Petite Martinique. It makes a couple of trips every week day, its timetable depending on the day. It is a short journey of about 15-20 minutes between the islands. MV Paradox is a great way to spend a day trip to Petite Martinique, but just confirm there will be a return trip the same day to get you back.

Boat to Petite Martinique
Comfortable ride

Union Ferry Pride Boat

Union Ferry Pride Boat does a trip between Carriacou and Union Island twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. It is not possible to do a day trip to Union Island with this boat but it seems like a good option as a transfer. Bunny is yet to take this one herself.

Ships Between Carriacou and Grenada

Then there is, naturally, the regular ferry traffic between Carriacou and Grenada. You can travel between the two islands on three regular ferries. Sunday is currently the only day when no ferries are running. All the ships leave Carriacou from Tyrrel Bay and arrive in the Carenage area of St. George’s in Grenada.

Dolly C and Osprey

Osprey Ferry

Osprey is the only power catamaran operating between the two islands. Osprey does two roundtrips between Carriacou and Grenada every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It leaves from Carriacou at 6am and 3:30pm, and from Grenada at 9am and 5:30pm. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Osprey leaves from Grenada at 9am and Carriacou at 3:30pm, doing just one trip each way. The journey takes just over 90 minutes. The ticket price is 80 EC one way and there is usually no need to buy tickets in advance.

Osprey arriving in St. George's

MV Dolly C

Dolly C is a cargo ship that doubles as a passenger ferry between Carriacou and Grenada. It runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, leaving Carriacou at 5am and Grenada at 4pm. The journey takes around 3 hours and the ticket price is 50 EC one way.

Tyrrel Bay Express

Tyrrel Bay Express is another cargo ship that accommodates passengers. It is currently the only ship between Carriacou and Grenada that offers cabins for passengers. It operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving Carriacou at 5am and Grenada at 5pm. The length of the journey and the ticket price is the same as for Dolly C.

Ferry between Grenada and Carriacou
Ferry between Grenada and Carriacou

Which Boat Trip to Choose? 

You are spoiled for choice, Bunny says. Embarking on a boat trip from Carriacou is a must-do for anyone looking to experience the essence of the Caribbean's untouched beauty. Just hop on a boat and enjoy!

Beach on White Island

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