Bunny’s Travel Highlights 2018

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It is not quite the end of the year yet, but Bunny is eager to sum up her travel experiences in 2018.

Year 2018 was an excellent travel year for Bunny! She finally made the long-planned, extended trip to South America, spent a lovely three months on her favourite Caribbean island of Carriacou, celebrated Mr. Bunny’s special birthday in Paris, checked out two of the world’s most amazing waterfalls, enjoyed summer cottage life in Finland and explored five new countries during the year.

Read about Bunny’s travel highlights and check out her 3-minute video compilation below.

European Winter

Bunny’s travel resolution for the future is to avoid European winters at all costs. In 2018, she spent the colder winter months in continental Europe, dividing her time between Budapest and Vienna. While there is nothing wrong with either city, Bunny would have much preferred a warmer location. At least in Budapest she could warm up in the thermal baths. 

Bunny’s short visits to London and Prague were the highlights of her winter months in 2018. While both cities were freezing cold during Bunny’s visits, she found plenty of nice things to do, including a fabulous Afternoon Tea Bus Tour in London.

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Image of Szczesny baths

Touring Argentina

Touring Argentina was a long-time travel dream coming true for Bunny in 2018. She was lucky to spend almost six weeks in this amazing country. Besides the exciting capital of Buenos Aires, she was able to check out stunning landscapes around the country, ranging from Patagonian jagged mountains to glaciers, salt plains and rainforests. Some of the highlights included the spectacular Perito Moreno glacier, jaw-dropping scenery on her road trip in Northern Argentina, wine tasting in two different wine regions and driving the Seven Lakes Route in the Argentinian lake district.

Image of Iguazu Falls in Brazil
Image of Humahuaca
Image of Bunny at Salinas Grandes

Hiking in Patagonia

As Bunny was unable to choose between hiking in the Argentinean or Chilean Patagonia, she decided to do both: Torres del Paine in Chile and Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (El Chalten) in Argentina boast some of the most striking landscapes in the world. The hiking is, unsurprisingly, world class. 

Bunny spent ten days hiking on both sides of the border. The day hikes were some of the best, if not the best, Bunny has experienced anywhere in the world. It was true wilderness hiking but with all modern conveniences available at the end of the day. That is just the way Bunny likes her hiking.

Image of Torres del Paine
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Waterfalls Galore

Being able to visit not just one, but two of the world’s greatest waterfalls during the year was another dream come true for Bunny. She had wanted to visit the world-famous Niagara Falls for years and finally managed to plan a short family trip to the region. Experiencing Niagara Falls was just as cool as she had imagined.

Iguazu Falls, observed by Bunny from both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides, in the spring, were, if possible, even more impressive. Iguazu Falls span an impressive 2700 metres. The cascades just go on and on, with a new marvellous waterfall appearing one after another, comprising approximately 275 waterfalls in total. A true world wonder if there ever was one, Bunny says.

Image of Bunny at Niagara Falls
Image of Niagara Falls at night

Montreal Express

One of the nicest cities Bunny visited in 2018 was Montreal. She did two quick visits to Montreal on her way to and from Ottawa, where she spent some family time in the summer. 

Montreal is widely considered as the most European city in North America, so it is no wonder Bunny liked it there (she tends to prefer the old continent). 

Old Montreal oozes the kind of history and old world flavour that Bunny appreciates. She loved the cobblestone streets, old architecture and atmospheric cafes and restaurants. And the food was fabulous, even for vegetarians and vegans. Bunny was also mightily impressed by the Notre-Dame Basilica although she is somewhat of a churched-out traveler.

Image of Notre-Dame Basilica
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Summer Cottage Life

Bunny likes simple things. Pristine nature, clean food, a lake view and a comfy hammock will do. This is basically the definition of Bunny’s summer cottage in the Finnish lake district. 

Keep in mind that the package also comes with an outdoor toilet, frequently lousy weather, the company of the extended Bunny family and a zillion mosquitos. Doesn’t sound quite so alluring anymore, does it?

Bunny loved the six weeks she spent in Finland in the summer of 2018. The weather was the best she had ever experienced in the country. It was a great time to recharge the batteries, go to the sauna every evening, swim in the lake (sometimes in the moonlight) and make some generous blood donations to the country’s starving mosquito population. In addition, she could indulge in the world’s sweetest strawberries, delicious Finnish salmiakki candy and her favourite sour rye bread every day. What else could a little Bunny ask for?

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Paris, oh Paris

Here’s a secret: Paris is not one of Bunny’s favourite cities in the world. She can appreciate the elegance of it all, but she just doesn’t somehow feel the magic. That said, when Mr. Bunny announced that he would like to spend his special birthday in Paris, Bunny had nothing against the plan, particularly since she hadn’t visited Paris for a few years.

The Bunnies ended up spending a fabulous time just walking around Paris for a few days, taking in the major sites, drinking of a lot of wine and eating copious amount of cheese in the process. They also managed to squeeze in a visit to Disneyland Paris for a dose of the Star Wars craze that Mr. Bunny so eagerly partakes.

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Image of Bunny in Paris

Bunny’s Beloved Carriacou

Carriacou, Grenada’s lovely little sidekick island, is one of Bunny’s favourite places in the world. This tiny Caribbean island is gorgeous, unspoiled, clean, quiet and always safe. Tourists in great quantities are yet to find this gem, so the lovely, quaint Caribbean lifestyle prevails on the island.

In 2018, Bunny was lucky to spend three months in this paradise. She enjoyed some of the best beaches in the world, the ideal climate (even in the hurricane season!) and the quiet lifestyle. The Bunnies cycled around the island, made a number of trips to deserted islands, snorkelled in the reefs surrounding Carriacou and kayaked in the mangroves. Bunny cannot wait to return in 2019!

Image of Tyrell Bay

Swimming with Turtles

Tobago Cays is one of those magical places that looks like it has been lifted from the pages of a fancy travel magazine: picture-perfect and impossibly turquoise. Bunny is lucky to have visited several times but is always mesmerised by the place. 

Tobago Cays is a Marine Park located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, just a short boat ride from Carriacou, so Bunny was able to make another visit this autumn. The five small islands, or cays, that make up Tobago Cays are uninhabited and gorgeous, surrounded by crystal clear waters and extensive coral reefs. Swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays is one of Bunny’s all-time favourite wildlife experiences.

Image of Tobago Cays

New York, New York!

Bunny loves big cities in short spurts. She enjoys the action, the hustle and bustle, the great food, the liveliness of it all - as long as it doesn’t last more than a couple days at a time. 

New York is one of Bunny’s favourite cities in the world and she was lucky to visit four times in 2018. She stayed in a different hotel each time and enjoyed different aspects of the city. One of the highlights was her Sunrise Experience at the Empire State Building. It was a very special feeling to stand on top of the iconic building at sunrise, watching the most famous city in the world gradually wake up to a new day below. 

On one of her visits to New York, Bunny also found a fabulous new vegetarian restaurant in town - Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy in the Lower East Side. She cannot wait to try the excellent tasting menu again!

Image of Hotel 50 Bowery
Image of New York sunrise

Dominican Republic

Bunny is going to celebrate the New Year in the Dominican Republic where she has spent the last month of 2018. 

She is currently exploring the lovely Samana peninsula and plans to continue her adventures in the country into January 2019. Some of Bunny’s highlights in the Dominican Republic so far include visiting the gorgeous Playa Rincon, exploring Los Haitises National Park and horse-riding to the El Limon waterfall for a refreshing dip. 

Bunny is excited to see what the rest of the country has to offer.

Image of Playa Rincon
Image of Los Haitises National Park
Image of El Limon waterfall

Looking Forward to 2019

In early 2019, Bunny is planning an extended stay in the United States and hopes to explore some areas she has never visited before.

Bunny will probably be spending most of 2019 in Carriacou again. But as always, Bunny’s plans are fluid and subject to change at a moment’s notice. Just ask Mr. Bunny.

Only one thing is for sure: she will not want to miss her date with two of her favourite bands who will be playing close to Bunny’s summer cottage in Finland in July 2019.

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What were your travel highlights in 2018? Where are you planning to go in 2019? Comment below!

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