Vienna Wine Hiking Day

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One of Bunny’s favourite things to do in her adopted home town of Vienna is the annual Wine Hiking Day. It should be called a Wine Hiking Weekend, really, as it covers two days but let’s not split hairs here.

Vienna's Wine Hiking Day usually takes place at the end of September. Sadly, Bunny will miss it this year. 

That’s why she decided to write a blog post with all the info for anyone interested in going to this year's Wine Hiking Day. You’re welcome, Bunny says.

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Vienna Wine City

Vienna is the only world capital that produces its own wine in significant quantities. There are 1730 acres of vineyards and 320 wineries within Vienna's city limits. 

Apparently, the Danube river and the proximity of the Vienna Woods provide optimal climatic conditions for wine-growing. The predominant grapes are white, such as RieslingGrüner Veltliner and, Bunny’s favourite, Gelber Muskatteller, but some red varieties are grown too.

Beautiful vineyards of Vienna

What Is Wine Hiking Day?

Every September, for one weekend, walking routes through Vienna’s vineyards are opened to the public. During the Wine Hiking Day, hikers are able wander among the vineyards overlooking the city, learn about the city’s wine growing culture and sample the local wines.

Local wineries and winemakers set up temporary booths and terraces along the hiking paths to sell their tipple and local culinary delicacies (think sausages, Bunny says) to the jovial hikers making their way through the beautiful landscapes. The mood is cheery, the sun is often shining and throngs of cute dogs join their owners for the outing. Bunny loves it!

Bunny sampling rose
Wine and the city

When Does It Take Place?

The 13th Vienna Wine Hiking Day will take place on 28-29 September 2019. The routes will be open between 10am and 6pm. 

Where Is It?

Three specific routes among Vienna’s vineyards and wineries are open to the public.

All three routes have scenic views, attractive Heuriger (traditional Austrian wine taverns) and plenty of vineyards along the way.

Bunny loves wine hiking!

Route 1: Neustift to Nussdorf (19th District)

This route spans 10km in total. It takes you to a number of scenic viewpoints, including Weingut Wien Cobenzl, with a lovely view of Vienna. If 10km seems intimidating to you, there are plenty of opportunities to bail out early if exhaustion (or the wine?) gets the better of you.

Route 2: Strebersdorf to Stammersdorf (21st District)

The second route in Vienna's 21st District is also approximately 10km. It is what Bunny calls a family route as it has a petting zoo and some pram-friendly paths along the way. If you are like a certain Bunny and prefer dogs to babies, this is probably not your best option.

Route 3: Ottakring to Neuwaldegg (16th District)

This is the shortest of the routes (approximately 5km) and can be done as a loop. Historic Schloss Wilhelminenberg, a former palace which now functions as a hotel and restaurant, is the most famous landmark en route.

Bunny on the hiking path

How to Get There?

Vienna has an excellent public transportation system. You can easily reach all the locations without a car. You should not drink and drive anyway.

- For Nusdorf, take tram D. For Neustift, bus 35A.

- For Strebesdorf, take tram 26, and for Stammersdorf, tram 31.

- For Ottakring, bus 46A or bus 46B will take you to the start of the hike.

You can usually just follow the crowds from the bus/tram stops to find the trail heads.

Exploring on the hike
Delicious grapes

How Can You Participate?

Everyone is invited! How cool is that? 

You don’t even need to pay for the experience - apart from all the wine you drink and grub you savour on the trail.

Top Tip

Bring cash! For some reason, many of the participating local businesses are a bit reluctant to accept card payments.

Wine tasting in Vienna
Bunny wine hiking

Is It Fun?

Well what do you think? Of course, it is! 

You get to hike among gorgeous vineyards, often (fingers crossed!) in glorious autumn sunshine and sample delicious local Austrian wines. All within the city limits of Vienna.

Are there any negatives? Well, the event has become quite popular in the past years so you will certainly not be alone on the routes. But the more wine you consume, the more tolerant you will become of your fellow hikers, Bunny says. Going early is also a good idea.

Moreover, depending on your wine-drinking zeal on the day, you might wake up with a headache the following morning… It’s a small price to pay for all the fun.

Bunne loves vineyards
Austrian rose wine
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