A Lovely Weekend Getaway from Vienna: Gumpoldskirchen

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What to Do on a Hot Summer Weekend in Vienna? 

Bunny does not believe in spending summer days indoors. She needs to feel the sun, roam the outdoors, lie by the pool and enjoy alfresco dinners all summer long. Unfortunately, she has often found herself living in small flats with tiny little balconies (if any) in big cities. How is one to enjoy summer weather in such conditions?

The solution is a simple one: One needs to go on a weekend getaway! The more often the better! Over the years, Bunny has become quite an expert on weekend getaways of all sorts.

Read below about one of Bunny’s favorite weekend getaways from Vienna: Gumpoldskirchen.

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Gumpoldskirchen as Bunny’s Summer Playground

Gumpoldskirchen is barely a 30-minute train ride from Vienna. It is a delightful village surrounded by picturesque vineyards. Its quaint pastel-colored houses boast immaculate gardens. The air is fresh and the atmosphere is pleasantly sleepy. There seems to be a Heuriger (a typical Austrian wine tavern) at every corner.

Gumpoldskirchen is a popular place for summer weddings. It is also close enough to Vienna for people to drive for short visits on warm summer nights. However, with its 3,500 inhabitants and tourists, it never feels crowded, just a bit livelier at times when there is an event going on.

Bunny thinks Gumpoldskirchen is best enjoyed at a slow pace, ideally during a sunny summer weekend stay.

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Hotel Landhaus Moserhof

Bunny originally discovered Gumpoldskirchen when she came across hotel Landhaus Moserhof. She is always looking for new, interesting places to stay and Landhaus Moserhof piqued her interest with cool design, a snazzy-looking outdoor pool and a convenient location close to Vienna.

Landhaus Moserhof is a 5-minute walk from the Gumpoldskirchen train station. It is all uphill but you can make it by foot, even with heavy (rolling) luggage.

The hotel caters to business seminars during the week and is usually reasonably quiet on weekends. This often translates into good last-minute availability.

Bunny always books a room for Saturday night and makes her one-night stay into a pleasant weekend. Quite often, she has managed to enjoy the full benefits of the hotel from 12am Saturday to 16h on Sunday as the staff is kind enough to accommodate requests for late checkout at no cost if there is availability at the hotel.

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The extra time at the hotel is wonderful because the facilities are great for such a small hotel. A perfect stainless steel pool, just long enough for laps, is the centrepiece of the garden. The grounds are beautifully arranged, with plenty of outdoor lounging areas with drinks service.

If you ask nicely, the staff can even prepare some snacks for you although food is not officially on the menu. Bunny has had a nice plate of bread, cheese and olives arranged for her to go with the excellent wine (Bunny favors Muskateller in the summer) by the pool.

There is a shower facility next to the pool and plenty of towels are available. A Finnish sauna and steam room next to the pool are also at your disposal until 9 PM if you give the staff 30 minutes’ notice so that they can heat it up for you.

Bunny has developed a Gumpoldskirchen routine which includes an early dinner so that she can enjoy the sauna afterwards. As most hotel guests head for dinner at the time when Bunny returns from hers, she and Mr. Bunny have always had the sauna completely to themselves. Going back and forth between the hot sauna and the cool pool is a perfect ending to the day. Particularly if you have an ice cold beer in hand to make sure your fluid balance stays in good order…

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Which Room Type to Go For?

Landhaus Moserhof offers four different room styles (G’wolb, Obliqe, Daniel and Friedl) and three room sizes (18 to 38m2) to choose from.

Bunny usually opts for the cheapest room size (standard) as it perfectly fits her requirements: it is big enough, stylish and comfortable. Of the available styles, she always chooses either modern Alpine style (G’wolb) or modern manor style (Obliqe) room as they come with nice wooden floors and design elements that please her critical Bunny eye.

All room types have air-conditioning, TV, Wi-Fi and a free stocked minibar which includes beer, soft drinks and water. Some rooms enjoy nice views but most have to settle for courtyards views and/or roof windows only. There is plenty of light whichever room type you go for. Some rooms even have direct access to the large roof terrace but Bunny is yet to try those. Maybe next time!

Please note that if you are booking through an agent such as booking.com, you will not be able to choose the style of your room, only the size. This is why it is better to reserve directly through the hotel and specify which style you would prefer. The hotel will also give you a 10% discount for direct bookings.

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Breakfast is included in the hotel’s room rate and it is an excellent affair. Moserhof offers a great breakfast spread of fresh and healthy food in the wonderful setting. If you ask Bunny, sitting outside listening to birds chirp as you sip great coffee and eat fresh berries with Greek yogurt is a perfect way to start your Sunday.

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Potential Improvements

Bunny has only two minor gripes about Landhaus Moserhof.

Although eco-friendly toiletries are provided in all rooms, there is no proper shampoo or conditioner. So bring your own unless you want your fur all tangled up.

Secondly, Bunny has visited Landhaus Moserhof a number of times but has never been offered a room upgrade. Surely the hotel could acknowledge frequent visitors with a nice surprise sometimes…

"An upgrade, pretty please?"

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Dining Options

Landhaus Moserhof does not offer lunch or dinner but this has never been a problem. Bunny’s favorite routine is to disembark from the train, grab a picnic lunch at the grocery store (Billa) beside the train station, check-in, and have lunch either in the room or on the rooftop terrace of the hotel.

As for dinner, there are plenty of options in Gumpoldskirchen. You can reach at least half a dozen Heurigers, wine taverns offering traditional Austrian food, just steps away from the hotel. Wander up and down the main street to check menus and gauge the atmosphere of each before settling on your choice.

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Bunny particularly likes Fassbinderhof for its good vegetarian choices and the essential free Wi-Fi (to avoid conversing with Mr. Bunny ?). Live music is not usually Bunny’s thing, but there's often at least one venue offering live music.

As always in rural Austria, the wine is good and cheap. Service is friendly and most restaurant staff speak English well as the town welcomes enough tourists.

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What to do in Gumpoldskirchen?

Bunny goes to Gumpoldskirchen to relax and enjoy the summer weather. While there she hasn’t pursued many adventures but she usually does a nice hike, or even a run if she is feeling energetic, through the nearby vineyards and sunflower fields. There are plenty of well-marked hiking and cycling routes for those who prefer being active to lazing by the pool with a glass of wine in hand…

For those so inclined, there is also golf (though Bunny is hard-pressed to think of a worse use of land and water).

Naturally, there is plenty of wine-tasting on offer and picturesque sceneries for photo bugs such as Bunny to capture. The whole allure of Gumpoldskirchen is in the peaceful atmosphere, good food and wine. It perfectly encompasses the Austrian “Gemütlichkeit” which means something along the lines of well-being, coziness and peace of mind.

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Bunny loves Landhaus Moserhof, and her visits to Gumpoldskirchen in general, because going there feels like a real holiday although it is just around the corner. Direct trains from Vienna run every hour and the fare is a couple of euros but she feels like she is on a long-distance adventure.

Mr. Bunny is happy too, mainly because all this can be achieved with little money and hassle. Landhaus Moserhof is not cheap but it offers great value. So it is a win-win for everyone. It is also safe to predict that Gumpoldskirchen will stay as the Bunny family’s frequent weekend destination from Vienna in the future.

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