Bunny’s Review of Das Posthotel in Zillertal

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Bunny’s bucket list includes pretty much the whole collection of Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) in Austria. She has already been to quite a few and is slowly visiting the rest of them on her travels. None have disappointed so far! Das PostHotel in Zell am Ziller was certainly no exception.

First Impressions

Wow. The hotel was built in 2007 but it still looks brand new. Bunny found both the wood exterior and the hotel lobby area gorgeous.

The check-in was relatively smooth. The front desk staff was helpful and spoke excellent English. Bunny was seated in the lobby with a welcome drink at hand, a choice between prosecco and fruit juices or tea, while the staff processed everything. It was certainly a relaxing and hassle-free way to arrive.

Bunny had arrived by rental car and was offered an indoor parking space which she declined as she thought outdoor parking outside the hotel would do just fine.

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Image of Bunny in Zillertal
Image of Das Posthotel

Room Upgrade!

Bunny wasn’t told at the reception but once she was escorted to her room, it transpired that she had been upgraded to a fabulous Sky Loft! Sky Lofts are the hotel’s best rooms, luxury penthouses that have balconies and bathtubs with a view to the mountains. What joy!

She suspects the upgrade came not merely thanks to her good looks, but perhaps owing more to her Indulged level of SLH membership. The SLH membership does seem to pay off handsomely on a regular basis…

Sky Loft

The Sky Loft was very big and well-designed. It had a small kitchenette and one of the best beds Bunny has ever experienced, made of stone pine with a natural rubber mattress. The luxurious linens were the icing on the cake. Small extra touches, such as the hotel's hand-made pralines, were much appreciated. Bunny also liked the prominently-displayed handbook of SLH hotels, very handy for planning new holidays…

The room also had a large TV, with a good selection of channels, including in English. This cannot always be said for all hotels in Austria.

The bathroom was fabulous, with lots of space and a glass window (with an optional curtain) facing towards the room. The double sinks were nicely designed, and the rosemary-scented organic toiletries were by Susan Kaufmann. There was also an interesting infrared unit in the shower (Sky Lofts only, Bunny suspects). She was too timid to try it out but it might be a nice feature in cold weather.

Bunny’s favorite, of course, was the huge and exquisitely-designed bathtub. She enjoyed a brilliant evening soaking in the tub and admiring the Alps with a glass of white wine and fresh strawberries and chili chocolate at hand.

Image of Bunny in sky loft
Image of a bath tub
Image of sky loft balcony

Other Rooms

Das Posthotel offers six different room types, all of them large (41-91m2) and gorgeous. They have wooden floors, balconies, kitchenettes (or kitchens) and nice views to the mountains.

All in all, there are only 27 rooms in the hotel which makes the atmosphere nice and peaceful, an experience of real boutique luxury that Bunny so enjoys.


The promise of a nice spa was one of the reasons why Bunny had booked at Das Posthotel in the first place. Luckily for her, the spa facilities were perfect.

There was a proper Finnish sauna both indoor and outdoor, a solar-heated outdoor swimming pool (Bunny’s favourite stainless steel kind), outdoor jacuzzi, a bio sauna, a steam room and a salt grotto complete with rubbing salts for your skin. There were also peaceful relaxation areas for both the inside and outside spa areas. Organic teas and mineralized water were on hand for the thirsty.

Apparently, there is also a small fitness room but Bunny never happened to come across it. Maybe next time.

The Austrians have really perfected the spa culture and Das Posthotel was another great example of that. As always, Bunny was most impressed with the fact that she had the spa to herself on many occasions during her visit. Nothing better than that!

Image of outdoor pool
Image of the spa
Image of spa sign
Image of saunas

The spa was one of the highlights of Das Posthotel for Bunny

Those Extra Touches

Higher-end Austrian hotels always have pleasant surprises in store for you and DasPost Hotel was no exception.

- The already-mentioned welcome drink is always a nice start to any holiday.

- The hotel's hand-made pralines will be waiting for you in the room. (If you like the pralines, they are also available for sale at the hotel’s modest gift shop.)

- On check-out, a goodie bag. Bunny received two bottles of water and an artisanal bar of chocolate (perfect for the long drive ahead). The bag also included a voucher which you can use on a return visit for a complimentary bottle of wine. Bunny is certainly tempted to do so.

The HeLeni Restaurant

The hotel’s HeLeni restaurant was very good. The wines on offer by the glass were good and reasonably priced. The same can be said for appetizers. The mains were a bit expensive although very tasty. Bunny had written the hotel ahead of her visit, alerting them that the Bunnies were vegetarian. The hotel arranged an off-the-menu main course of mushroom risotto which was delicious. However, Bunny did feel a bit stung when the bill arrived and she was charged 25 euros for the pleasure of each risotto.

A super nice touch after dinner was the chef (at least Bunny thinks that's who it was) coming to the table to ask about the meal and to offer a fresh praline from a lovely wooden box. Bunny took two.


Breakfast is served in the same dining area used by the restaurant. Eggs, pancakes and waffles can be ordered a la carte while a generous buffet offers fresh bread of all varieties, cheeses, cold cuts (not for the Bunnies), cereal etc. You can choose from a number of fresh juices or make your own at their juice bar.

Images of pancakes
Image of HeLeni restaurant
Image of breakfast porridge

Bunny’s first breakfast was flawless. The breakfast on the second, and final, morning was a bit of a disaster by contrast. Orders were forgotten even after gentle reminders. Bunny thinks it was just a combination of bad luck (a nice enough but hapless server with poor English) and a very demanding table of four Austrian guests who kept her distracted from the Bunnies (who are more laid-back and less demanding but critical nonetheless). Trying to order Bunny’s signature decaf cappuccino was a rather painful affair, but this is just another example of Bunny’s first world problems.

It seemed that outdoor seating was available for both breakfast and dinner but the weather for Bunny’s trip (even if it was mid-August!) was not cooperating.

What Could Be Done Better

On arrival, Bunny was a bit turned off by the railroad track almost directly across from the hotel. But there was no need for alarm. Bunny never heard a thing during her whole stay.

The spa and sauna area closed at 8.30pm. This is quite typical in Austria but Bunny would have very much enjoyed a late night sauna and swim had that been possible.

"Late night sauna, please!"

Image of Bunny

Nearby Excursions

The hotel is nestled in a pleasant valley town of Zell am Ziller. Because it sits in a valley, the mountain views are gorgeous even if the town itself is not particularly pretty. If you want a closer look at the mountains they are a short drive away in any direction.

For a nice but easy taste of alpine hiking, you can drive 25 minutes to nearby Gerlos and hike around the artificial lake reservoir. It will take 3 hours (3.5 if you take a slight detour to hotel Finkau which, on a good day, would offer a nice view of the mountains). The hike is mostly flat and easy and can be done even when the weather is poor. With the exception of the detour to the hotel, there were no huts open during Bunny’s hike, so go to the toilet and stock up on water before the hike. There is plenty of free parking at the start of the hike. In fact, the drive here from Das PostHotel overlaps with the Gerlos Alpine Road, an excursion of its own.

The famous Krimmler waterfall is also within striking distance (a further 30-minute drive) but Bunny left it for another visit.

Image of Bunny at Gerlos
Image of Gerlos
Image of Gerlos

Lovely scenery on the hike around the reservoir in Gerlos

If you don't have a car or just want to stay closer to home, there are a number of walks starting right from Das Posthotel. Walking both sides of the river is pleasant and the town side of it is fitted with ice cream stands and cafes. The front desk staff at Das Posthotel could be counted on for good recommendations and suggestions.

Zell am Ziller also offers a good grocery store (Spar) mere blocks from the hotel. Consider having some meals in. An in-room picnic on your balcony or - better yet for those in the fancy Sky Loft rooms - in your bathtub with-a-view.

Zillertaler Hoehenstrasse (High Road)

This excursion deserves a special mention. It's a harrowing drive for those (like the Bunnies) not used to that kind of thing, but the views and nature were well worth it.

Image of Bunny on the high elevation road
Image of Zillertaler Hoehenstrasse
Image of Zillertaler Hoehenstrasse

Amazing views along the Zillertaler Hoehenstrasse

Originally established as a farmers’ road through the mountains, tourists can now pay 8 euros per car for the pleasure of driving down a narrow windy street. They key to the driving is to go slow, stay calm and, if you must back up a bit, do so carefully. Don’t worry about the impatient drivers on the road who seemed mostly to have license plates from a certain country Bunny will not mention here.

You can start the journey in a number of places but Bunny joined the road by going up directly from Zell am Ziller and finishing in Kaltenbach. Going up was a more difficult drive while coming down was more busy. All roads lead to the top and there are some very nice spots to park and have a drink and a bite while looking over the mountains and valleys below.


Image of Gerlos
Image of Bunny hiking
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Image of a cow
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Image of Bunny hiking
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If you are looking for an excellent boutique hotel in Austrian Tyrol, you cannot go wrong with Das Posthotel in Zell am Ziller. Excellent facilities, friendly staff, a good location, delicious food and pleasant mountain views are guaranteed. It is hard to find any flaw with the hotel. Ergo, it costs on the high side, but still represents great value.

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