Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vienna

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Bunny is not a fan of traditional Austrian food. Schnitzel shit, she calls it. Maybe Bunny would appreciate it more if she wasn’t vegetarian, but she doubts it. Traditional Austrian food seems very Wurst-heavy, greasy and tasteless to her.

Luckily for Bunny, Vienna, which served as Bunny’s home base in Austria for years, has slowly transformed into a vegetarian (even vegan) Mecca in the past few years. This is quite remarkable given Austria’s culinary traditions. In Vienna today, vegetarians can find anything from tasty raw food options to Michelin-star vegetarian fare. There are also some great vegan restaurants to choose from.

A common misconception is that vegetarians munch on carrots and sprouts all day long, eating super healthy and boring food. Certainly not Bunny! She is vegetarian first and foremost for ethical reasons (she doesn’t want to eat her fellow animals) but she is very much a foodie and could not live without tasty meals or the occasional treat.

Check out Bunny’s favourite vegan, vegetarian (and vegetarian-friendly) eateries in Vienna. Vegetarian food is not just for rabbits, you see.

TIAN Bistro
Image of buffet at Yamm
Veggiezz lunch

The Best Veggie Burger in Town

When the vegan street food chain Swing Kitchen opened in Vienna some years ago, Bunny was in seventh heaven. Finally, some good street food for vegetarians!

Swing Kitchen advertises “freshly prepared, environmentally friendly, extremely tasty and completely vegan” food and delivers on the promise. In fact, Swing Kitchen has the best burger in town, period. There is no disputing this fact, Bunny says.

The burger in question is Swing Kitchen’s Chili Burger, made of a tasty soya patty, spicy jalapeños, red onions, tomatoes, bio ketchup and a garlicky sauce. Seriously good!

Image of Bunny at Swing Kitchen
Chili burger at Swing Kitchen

If you are really hungry, you can make it a meal and add Swing Kitchen’s delicious French fries and a drink to the mix (although the burger itself is plenty).

Swing Burger also offers wraps, salads, onion rings, vegan nuggets and various desserts at very affordable prices. They currently have six locations in Vienna and ​additional restaurants in Germany and Switzerland.

Something for a Special Occasion

If you are celebrating something special, or feel like you have deserved a treat (you totally have, Bunny says!), you should visit the Michelin-star Tian in Vienna’s first district and opt for one of their tasting menus.

Tian is quite possibly the best restaurant in town - and fully vegetarian (vegans can be accommodated). It is the opposite of cheap and cheerful - you come here for a slow, wonderful gourmet experience.

Image of Tian tasting menu
Image of Tian tasting menu
Image of Tian tasting menu
Image of Tian tasting menu
Image of Tian tasting menu
Image of Tian tasting menu
Image of Tian tasting menu
Image of Tian tasting menu

Bunny first happened on Tian by accident, looking for a bite before attending a concert in the neighbourhood. Sitting in the Tian bar area with her delicious cheese plate and some wine, she did not even notice that it was a vegetarian restaurant (Bunny is not known for her observational skills).

Some weeks later, when Bunny first tried Tian’s full tasting menu (6 to 10 courses), she was very impressed. The food was tasty, fresh, innovative and gorgeously presented. The wine pairings were also excellent - do not skimp on those. Bunny has since dined in Tian a number of times and has always enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the very attentive service.

Please note that Tian is a fancy restaurant with prices to match. Reservations are strongly recommended but luckily there is no formal dress code.

Tian “Lite” for Mere Mortals (More Affordable)

Tian is not an every day, or even every week, treat, unless you are a millionaire, and this is where Tian Bistro comes in handy.

Image of Bunny reading the menu
Image of Tian Bistro lunch

The food at Tian Bistro is a consistently great, high-quality, fresh affair, and the prices are much more affordable than in Tian itself. Tian Bistro relies heavily on seasonal produce, but they also have some staples on the menu. The vegetarian burger is quite good. Bunny also likes their curries and risottos, not to mention the home-made lemonade.

Bunny can also recommend the TIAN Sharing Breakfast which is a lovely weekend treat with your loved one.

Shared breakfast

In summer time, Tian Bistro has an attractive outdoor terrace, whereas around Christmas, it is surrounded by the magic of Vienna’s best Christmas market in the Spittelberg neighbourhood.

Yummy Vegetarian Buffet

One of Bunny’s favourite lunch places in Vienna is Yamm. Yamm offers an excellent and varied vegetarian lunch buffet where you pick your own lunch ingredients from a wide selection and pay according to the weight of your plate.

Image of lunch at Yamm

Bunny is usually somewhat suspicious of restaurants where you pay for your food by its weight, but she makes an exception for Yamm because the food is consistently fresh and tasty. There is always a wide selection of different salads, cold and hot dishes as well as desserts which are clearly labelled, whether vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free etc.

Image of Yamm chocolates
Image of Yamm terrace

Yamm is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, is licensed to sell alcohol.

Top Tip

Fill your plate with green salad. It’s good for you and weighs nothing so you are practically getting it for free!

Great Vegan Lunch at Veggiezz

Veggiezz is one of Bunny’s latest finds on the Vienna vegetarian scene. There are two Veggiezz restaurants in town and Bunny likes both of them.

Bunny finds the menu at Veggiezz excellent - it is extensive, varied and totally vegan. There is so much to choose from that she sometimes struggles to make a choice.

Image of Veggiezz
Image of chocolate mousse
Image of lunch bowls

All the bowls are delicious, filling and nutritious. The burgers also get a good buzz, but Bunny is yet to try one herself. She has made sure to try the desserts though and can vouch for the chocolate mousse.

Bunny also likes the fresh and inviting interior of Veggiezz as well as the outdoor seating (when the weather cooperates). The service is also good, so Bunny is sure to return for lunch or dinner the next time she is in Vienna.

Al Fresco Eating at Hollerei

Hollerei is a well-established vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the 15th disctrict. Bunny especially likes visiting in summer time, enjoying al fresco dining in the garden.

Hollerei has an extensive menu with many salivating options. Bunny particularly enjoys the appetisers and often shares plates of them with Mr. Bunny to be able to sample as many flavours as possible. The desserts are quite lovely too so make sure you have room in your tummy for that.

If you're visiting the Schönbrunn Palace or gardens and want to enjoy a delicious veggie lunch afterwards, Hollerei is the perfect option as it is just a 10-minute walk from the Schönbrunn metro station. Just keep in mind that it is best to make a reservation as it is quite a small place.

Bunny at Hollerei
Great appetisers at Hollerei

Great Lunches at My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden is one of two great vegetarian restaurants located on a cute passageway just off Mariehilfer Strase. Bunny discovered them only last autumn but soon became a regular visitor.

My Secret Garden is now one of Bunny's favourite lunch spots in town. The menu is Asian-inspired and Bunny finds the curries, in particular, consistently tasty. Portion sizes are quite big here too, so you will not go hungry. And the lunch deal is pretty good value!

There are plenty of vegan options, including desserts, and the service is always friendly.

Bunny at My Secret Garden
Dessert at My Secret Garden

Bowls Galore at Superfood Deli

Superfood Deli is located on the same passageway as My Secret Garden. Superfood Deli actually has three different branches in Vienna (4th, 6th and 7th districts) but Bunny has visited only the location off Mariehilfer Strase.

Superfood Deli calls itself a "healthy lifestyle bowl eatery". All the food is plant-based and the menu is full of healthy acai and porridge bowls, smoothies, soups and juices. It is all delicious!

As a bonus, Bunny likes the idea of doing her bit to save the world by eating healthy food that is good for both her and the environment - and full of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, omegas and whatnot.

Bunny at Superfood Deli
Best bowls in town

Guilt-Free Desserts

Simply Raw Bakery at Am Hof will make you feel good about what you eat, even if it’s cakes and cookies!

Everything that Simply Raw Bakery offers has been prepared according to raw food principles, meaning that none of the food has been heated, boiled or baked at temperatures exceeding 42º C.

This is supposed to preserve all the vitamins and enzymes in the food. In addition to being raw, all Simply Raw Bakery goods are organic, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, soya-free and without industrial sugar - and, most importantly, delicious! How’s that for a guilt-free dessert?

Image of Bunny eating breakfast bowl
Image of salad
Image of breakfast

You can ignore the word “bakery” in the name too as Simply Raw Bakery offers much more than cakes and cookies. They serve excellent breakfast and brunch, and make smoothies, milkshakes, and cold pressed juices in addition to regular coffees and a nice selection of teas. Bio wine and beer is also available although Bunny is not too sure about the health qualities of those beverages …

Bunny is a big fan of the daily salads and breakfast bowls at Simply Raw Bakery. And when she used to have an office job nearby, she was a frequent visitor to grab some takeaway tiramisu to help her get through those tedious afternoons in the office.

Best Ice-Cream in Town

Veganista offers vegan ice-cream at a number of locations around Vienna. They have a changing selection of delicious flavours, including Bunny’s favourites of basil and lavender.

The ice-cream is excellent, perhaps the best vegan ice-cream Bunny has tried anywhere in the world. She does wish the servers wore gloves, however, as she hates when people touch her cone while preparing it.

Image of Veganista
Image of ice-cream

Bunny’s Favourite Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants

Although Vienna is now flush with vegetarian and vegan restaurants, Bunny does not avoid regular restaurants either, particularly international ones as they usually have a number of options for vegetarians. Some of her favourites include:

Akakiko for Sushi Lovers

Akakiko is chain restaurant that Bunny isn’t too snobby to frequent. They call themselves “easy Japanese fusion” and have more than ten branches in Vienna. The Asian-inspired menu is quite extensive, with a separate vegetarian section. Vegan dishes are clearly marked in the menu too.

Bunny loves their veggie sushi and maki rolls. She is also fond of the Akakiko Bibimbap, particularly since they always agree to make her a special version with some added tofu (charged extra but worth it).

Bunny’s favourite Akakiko branch is the one at Gerngross, with its surprisingly lovely rooftop terrace and great views over Vienna.

Image of maki plate
Image of Akakiko

Best Thai Food in Town

If you ask Bunny, Bangkok in Vienna’s 6th district is hands down the best Thai restaurant in Vienna. It is not a vegetarian restaurant, but it is very vegetarian friendly, as Thai restaurants tend to be.

Bunny is a regular customer, appreciating the authentic and spicy flavours as well as the always friendly service. Bangkok offers high quality food at very affordable prices. This is not a usual combination, so it is deservedly popular. Thus, it is a good idea to reserve ahead.

"Best Thai food in Vienna!"

Bunny logo

If you go, don’t forget to try their lychee-flavoured sparkling wine. If you are lucky, they will serve you a free glass as a nice “thank you” at the end of your meal. Delicious!

Quick Healthy Bite

If you fancy a quick healthy bite whilst shopping in Vienna’s posh first district, go to Freshii. This Canadian health-minded food chain offers a selection of tasty bowls, burritos, salads, wraps, soups, smoothies and juices. Almost everything on the menu is vegetarian, but you can add different protein sources - from tofu and falafel as well as chicken and meat, if you wish.

Bunny likes the convenience and fast(ish) service at Freshii and remains a frequent visitor.

Image of Freshii
Bunny's favourite dish at Bangkok

Vietnamese Lunch Deal

If you’re hanging out in or close to the Naschmarkt area (which is generally over-rated and touristic, Bunny says), one of your better choices for lunch would be Saigon, which offers Vietnamese specialties. Their menu has a special vegetarian section with delicious choices which are very reasonably priced. Bunny likes Saigon particularly for their good-value lunch deal.

As an extra bonus, Saigon is open on Sundays when almost everything worth visiting in Vienna tends to be closed.

Delicious lunch at Saigon

Authentic Mexican

Mexican cuisine is one of Bunny's favourites in the world. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a challenge to find good Mexican restaurants in Vienna. If you have a craving for Mexican food, you can try Los Mexikas close to the Rathaus. They serve some seriously delicious Margaritas and their nachos are not too bad either. However, the seating tends to be a little elbow-to-elbow, owing to its small size and popularity.

Two Great Tapas Restaurants

Who doesn’t love tapas? Bunny certainly does.

She has two favourite tapas restaurants in Vienna: Toma Tu Tiempo and Bodega Marques. Their menus are quite similar and both offer excellent choices, with Toma Tu Tiempo being the slightly cheaper option of the two.

Not surprisingly, both restaurants feature a mostly meaty menu, but there are enough vegetarian options to make a meal out of it. Bunny usually orders the whole vegetarian section off the tapas menu, with a bottle of Spanish wine, and always goes home happy afterwards.


Image of dessert
Image of salad
Image of appetiser

Believe it or not, Bunny finds Vienna to be one of the best cities in Europe for vegetarians. Although traditional Austrian food is not vegetarian-friendly, there are plenty of great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in town. In addition, a number of international eateries offer delicious vegetarian-friendly dishes to please anyone.

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