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Image of Arany Spa

Bunny is a spa lover to the core. She is not so much addicted to the treatments - although she is known to be partial to a nice hot stone massage - but she loves the luxurious feeling of spas in general.

The serenity, the fluffy towels, the lovely fragrances, the juxtaposition of hot saunas and cool swimming pools, the indulgence…

In Vienna, she has a firm favourite among all the luxurious spas in town: the Arany Spa at Park Hyatt Vienna. It is an oasis of calm in the heart of the city and one of the best spas Bunny has visited in the world. And she has visited quite a few…

Image of Arany Spa
Image of Arany Spa

Arany Spa at Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt is the best hotel in town if you’re looking for a fabulous place to stay in Vienna. The location in the picturesque Am Hof Square is unbeatable, the rooms are classy and stylish, the breakfast is excellent and, of course, as a guest you will have the spa at your disposal during your stay.

Built in the former vault of the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy Bank, the basement level Arany Spa is the most luxurious spa in Vienna. The name Arany comes from the Hungarian word for gold (who knew) and the decor at the Arany Spa duly reflects this. The highest quality materials, including gold tiles, precious stones and mother of pearl, have been used for the construction for a luxurious finish.

Image of spa reception
Image of spa interior



One of the best features of the Arany Spa is the fabulous pool. In line with the luxurious feel of the spa, the underground pool is covered by tiles that resemble the colour and shape of gold bars. The water is warm and beautiful wall carvings create an atmosphere of an elegant oasis of bygone years.

The pool is stunning, but at 15 metres long, it is also big enough for doing laps. Bunny used to swim here at lunchtime when she worked nearby. More often than not, she had the whole pool to herself.

Image of the pool

Wet Area

The large wet area of the Arany Spa is divided into two parts: one is exclusively for women and the other for both sexes (that’s the kind of equality Bunny believes in!). 

The women’s side includes a small lounge with heated relaxation beds, a Finnish sauna with a soft temperature, showers and the locker room.

The unisex area has a proper Finnish sauna, a lovely steam room, a rain shower area with some crushed ice on hand and vitality showers. Big fluffy towels are readily available.

Image of Finnish sauna
Image of sauna

The unisex area is a clothing optional zone. Nudity is not enforced and Bunny is not one to partake. Bunny has, however, witnessed quite a few birthday suits there. What can you do, this is Austria and they like to flaunt their bits, Bunny says. 

Despite the odd nudist, Bunny likes the joint facilities for men and women. This way, she can enjoy the saunas together with Mr. Bunny, instead of being contained in the ladies only -section.

Relaxation Area

The relaxation area is very soothing. There are comfortable loungers (with proper reading lights!), and lovely fluffy blankets you can hide under. Bunny is known to have dozed off in the soft light of this room a number of times.

There are also nuts and/or fruit always available in the relaxation area, together with water and tea and some magazines for reading.

Image of relaxation area
Image of refreshments

Changing Rooms

The changing rooms are stylish, spacious and functional. Lovely bathrobes and slippers are available in the lockers that work with a passcode you install yourself. Bottled water is also readily available, not that there is anything wrong with the tap water in Vienna. The heavenly scented Blaise Mautin toiletries are regularly replenished.

What Bunny particularly appreciates is the attention to detail. Everything is there for you. Forgot your toothbrush? No problem, plenty of new toothbrush packages with toothpaste available for you. Didn’t pack the hairspray? Just use the one available in the changing room. Messy hair (fur) giving you trouble? Grab a new comb to sort it out. Deodorant, body lotion, female products, Arany Spa has got you covered.


The Arany Spa has six treatment rooms, including one for couples. The treatments vary from facials to special massages. High-quality Omorovicza and SkinCeuticals products are used for the treatments.

Bunny usually enjoys the Arany Spa without taking any treatments but whenever she has indulged herself, the treatments have been excellent. The therapists are very professional and friendly and the treatment rooms beautiful and pristine.

Image of steam room
Image of Arany pool


There is also a gym, overlooking the pool. The gym is not huge but it is equipped with the latest fitness technology, both elliptical and weight machines as well as plentiful free weights.

Bunny’s Pet Peeve

The times when Bunny’s visits to Arany Spa have been less than perfect, it has been because of children. Arany Spa does not have any restrictions on tiny visitors. If you are really unlucky, you might end up in the pool with a handful of obnoxious, loud rich kids who are not being supervised by their lazy parents. 

Perhaps it is time to think about some restrictions to keep the spa the kind of place it should be: tranquil, quiet, child-free heaven?

Image of locker room
Image of relaxation beds


A day pass to Arany Spa costs 45 euros and is valid for two hours. It gives you access to the pool, saunas and steam rooms as well as the changing and relaxation rooms. Fluffy bathrobes, slippers and some healthy snacks are part of the deal.

When Bunny lived in Vienna full-time, she used to have an annual wellness membership at Arany Spa. That included unlimited use of the spa, pool and changing and relaxation rooms every day between 7am and 10pm. Access to the gym was included with an additional charge only.

Another option for non-guests is to book a facial or massage at the Arany Spa and enjoy the facilities before and after your treatment.

Park Hyatt Knows Spas


Park Hyatt knows how to do spas right, Bunny says. On her travels, she fell in love with the exquisite spas at Park Hyatt Tokyo and Park Hyatt Seoul. There’s no better feeling than floating in a rooftop pool in these mega cities, admiring the views and enjoying the exclusive amenities in blissful solitude.

Other Luxury Spas in Vienna

As a true spa connoisseur, Bunny is happy to recommend two other excellent spas in Vienna: the Ritz-Carlton Spa and Aisawan Boutique Spa.

Ritz-Carlton Spa

Image of Ritz Carlton pool
Image of women's shower area

The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers similar facilities as the Arany Spa, at a slightly cheaper price. Day spa access for 3 hours costs 40 euros during the week, and 50 euros during the weekend. All the facilities, including the gym, pool, saunas and relaxation areas are included.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa has a lovely stainless steel pool - the longest indoor pool in Vienna at 18 metres, with a separate whirlpool area.

There are separate lounges for men and women, each with very nice facilities, including saunas and steam rooms. The dressing rooms are stylish and spacious, equipped with individual lockers. Toiletries (Asprey) are widely available and the towels and bathrobes are big and luxurious. Guests can also enjoy complimentary drinking water and a lovely selection of teas.

There are also some cold towels on ice, which Bunny thinks is a nice touch. The products used for treatments are by Susanne Kaufmann, Austria’s premier line of organic, luxury products.

Aisawan Boutique Spa

Image of Aisawan Boutique Spa
Image of Bunny at Aisawan

Aisawan Boutique Spa may lack in some luxurious facilities, such as a the pool, but it offers a lovely taste of Asian tranquility and a calm, relaxing atmosphere. This is a place where you come for excellent treatments, Bunny says.

There are lovely massages and hamam treatments as well as special packages for couples. The products used are from the Pevonia Botanica brand and Panpuri.


If you want to treat yourself while visiting Vienna, head for the Arany Spa for a couple of hours. This tranquil sanctuary in the city centre will pamper you in a lovely, decadent environment and you will emerge completely rejuvenated and relaxed, Bunny says.

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