Silversands Grenada – Luxury on Grand Anse Beach

Pool at Grand Anse
Silversands Grenada at sunset

Silversands Grenada opened its doors on the Grand Anse Beach in Grenada in December 2018. Right away, Bunny just knew that this would be the kind of hotel for her. It did take her some time to visit though. Last November, she finally made her acquaintance with Silversands Grenada.

Bunny’s visit was short and sweet, just one night, as she hopped over from the neighbouring island of Carriacou, but she made the most of it. Read below for Bunny’s full review of her visit.

The amazing pool at Silversands

First Impressions

First things first: Silversands Grenada is a gorgeous hotel. It must be one of the most beautiful hotels Bunny has ever stayed at - and she has been to some amazing hotels on her hops around the world.

Most gorgeous entrance

You are wowed immediately upon stepping into the impressive hotel lobby. The minimalist, contemporary architecture is striking. It is combined with neutral decor and soft tones that create very pleasing visuals all around the hotel. Everything has been designed impeccably. And then there’s a view of the swimming pool, beautifully lined with high palm trees and inviting cabanas… Simply incredible.

The Bunnies were perhaps not Silversands’ “usual crowd”. They did not arrive in the hotel’s Tesla from the airport, carrying designer luggage, but rather came straight from Carriacou in their flip-flops and ratty t-shirts. The well-trained and polite staff did not bat an eye. Their welcome was very friendly and felt genuine, and the Bunnies we more than happy to accept the offered rum punch on arrival. It immediately set the right tone for their visit.

Their room was not ready on arrival, slightly before the official check-in time of 3pm. This was not an issue for Bunny who was hungry and happily hopped over to the Silversands Asiatique restaurant for lunch while the preparation of their room was completed.

So cute!
Amazing pizza

A superb truffle pizza (from the cute pizza tuck-tuck parked just outside Asiatique) and a couple of Margaritas later, the Bunnies were ready to be escorted to their room.


On the way to their room, Bunny was able to properly take in the wider surroundings. Everything from the landscaping to the lighting to the materials used (hardwood, marble, limestone) was classy, luxurious and spot-on. The seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces that created a sense of openness and connection with nature was particularly pleasing.

The room itself was equally striking.

Elegant room

Bunny immediately noticed that they had been upgraded to an Ocean View King Room, without anyone so much as mentioning it. Bunny thought that was a very classy touch.

Mr. Bunny was particularly impressed with the smart bedroom connectivity. Everything from the lights, the blinds and the beautiful white privacy drapes around the bed could be controlled remotely. The Nespresso machine also received some extra points from Mr. Bunny, not to mention the complimentary pastries in the room.

Bunny liked the ample storage and the neutral colour scheme. She also loved the smooth floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that lead to the balcony so much that she wanted to steal them for her own home.

Stylish balcony
Bunny's room at Silversands

The spacious balcony had a day bed, dining table and a sea view. All rooms at Silversands Grenada are oriented West, towards the Grand Anse Beach and therefore with views of beautiful sunsets, as Bunny witnessed later in the day.

In-room minibar
Sea view from balcony

The bathroom had double vanities, a luxurious deep soaking tub, floor-to-ceiling windows, and walk-in shower, with premium toiletries, of course.

Bunny loved her room

Everything in the room, and elsewhere at Silversands, was top-notch, high quality and effortlessly chic. It was the kind of quiet, understated luxury that Bunny loves.

The Pool

The dazzling 100-meter long infinity pool is the centre piece of the Silversands architecture. It creates the wow effect upon arrival and will feature heavily in all your Instagram shots of the hotel. It is simply amazing.

The longest pool in the Caribbean

The Bunnies naturally headed straight to the pool after they had unpacked and eaten the welcome pastries in the room (mostly Mr. Bunny).

The staff had told the Bunnies on arrival that the hotel was currently very busy. Still, they had the pool to themselves for a while. That was one of the most amazing aspects of Silversands: it is big but intimate. It never felt crowded anywhere. That is the definition of true luxury if you ask Bunny.

In fact, many guests at Silversands stay at the private villas which are way beyond Bunny’s means. These villas have their own pools, as well as separate sleeping quarters for your accompanying staff - if you happen to be the sort of person who travels with nannies and trainers and hair stylists. As a result, the common spaces, such as the swimming pool, can feel blissfully quiet even when the hotel is close to full capacity.

Silversands beach front villa

The Bunnies thoroughly enjoyed their time at the pool, snapping photos left and right (how could you not?), having refreshing drinks and splashing around for fun. Bunny even tried to do laps but, perhaps wisely after all those cocktails, decided to leave a longer swim for the next morning instead.

Lounging by the pool
Silversands cocktails

The pool is located right next to the ocean water’s edge, so it was easy to jump into the sea as well. You can also dip in the smaller, slightly warmer, pool in front of the Grenadian Grill restaurant for a more jacuzzi-like experience.

Finally, catching a sunset in the pool is a moment you don’t want to miss at Silversands, Bunny says.

Great service at Silversands
Sunset in the pool

Grand Anse Beach

Silversands occupies a prime spot directly on the Grand Anse Beach in Grenada. It is the most famous beach in the country and arguably also the most beautiful. Check out Bunny’s post on Beaches in Grenada to see some of the competition.

Silversands is located on the Northern end of the 2-mile long Grand Anse. None of the beaches in Grenada are private, so people are free to roam in front of the hotel as they wish, many of them gawking at Silversands (Bunny doesn’t blame them). However, there are never any crowds and the friendly security guards make sure that outsiders don’t wander on the hotel grounds.

Best beach in Grenada
Grand Anse sunset

And there is plenty of beach for everyone! Grand Anse is a long, wide stretch of white, soft sand that leads to turquoise Caribbean Sea and gentle waves. It is a great beach for swimming, kayaking and lounging. Some people also snorkel but there is not much to see.

It is also fun to walk up and down the beach, observe local life and check out some of the other hotels on the beach, while feeling smug about your own hotel choice.

Silversands Spa

Back at Silversands, after the sunset, the Bunnies went to check the spa. What a place!

Silversands spa

The spa at Silversands has a partially open-air design, with a beautiful pool in the centre of its courtyard. There is no roof, only wooden slats above the courtyard which allows you to stargaze at night. This also means that if it happens to rain in Grenada, it will also drizzle inside the spa. Bunny thinks this makes the spa all the more atmospheric.

Besides the pool and the courtyard, the spa also has a sauna, a steam room and an ice cave, which is always welcome in the Caribbean climate. The adjacent gym and exercise room are surprisingly small but the treadmills look directly to the spa pool. Not a bad view for your morning run.

Silversands spa
Finnish sauna in Silversands

Silversands doesn’t advertise the fact that hotel guests can use the spa facilities even if they don’t book any of the treatments (which all sound quite dreamy). Thanks to this, the spa was also peacefully quiet during the Bunnies’ stay. They went to the spa twice during their short visit and loved every minute. It felt like a true sanctuary and instantly became one of Bunny’s happy places in Grenada.

Silversands spa

Almost Impeccable Service

What about the service at Silversands? Unsurprisingly, Bunny found it very good. Everyone was very friendly and efficient. But even Silversands cannot escape the common plague in Grenada: the service is sometimes a bit on the slooow side. Be prepared for that.

Bunny, being an impatient one, left her table at Asiatique on a couple of occasions when it was taking too long for the bill to arrive and she wanted to get moving to snap a quick photo of something (rainbow, sunset) somewhere else.

Silversands pool
Two outdoor pools at Silversands

Food and Drinks

There are two restaurants at Silversands: Asiatique, which offers Asian-inspired dishes with an emphasis on Thai flavours, and Grenadian Grill whose focus is more Mediterranean and Grenadian.

The Grenadian Grill was undergoing some renovations during the Bunnies’ visit and was closed for lunch. So the Bunnies had their lunch, dinner and breakfast at Asiatique. No complaints there!

Al fresco dining

Asiatique has a very elegant, modern setting, that has both indoor and al fresco dining. The food is farm-fresh, spicy and mostly organic. Bunny was happy to note the many vegetarian options on the menu and thoroughly enjoyed her Nasi Goreng and Vietnamese Spring Rolls at dinner. All the cocktails Bunny tried at Asiatique were also delicious - and quite strong. Bartenders clearly didn’t skimp on the alcohol.

Beautiful breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet at Asiatique was also excellent. The Bunnies were able to order vegetarian sausages, a very special treat in Grenada, and devoured the rest of the amazing breakfast spread with gusto: home-made yoghurts, fresh croissants, freshly-squeezed juices, tropical fruit. In addition, all the usual hot options, such as pancakes, omelettes etc were all delicious.

Nespresso machines in the room
Silversands breakfast

Any Drawbacks?

So was there anything at all that Bunny didn’t like at Silversands? Hmmm.

If you are really sensitive to noise, you will probably not like the sound of traffic coming from the main road behind Silversands. It is not overwhelming by any means but the local minivans (the favorite mode of public transportation) have an annoying habit of tooting their horns frequently. You won’t see them from your hotel bubble but the sound can be a minor annoyance. But there is not much Silversands can do about this.

Spectacular night lights

The only other complaint Bunny could think of was the price of beer at Silversands. She understands that Silversands is a luxury establishment and that the pricing naturally reflects that. However, at 8 USD, plus 10% service charge and 15% VAT, the price of local Carib and/or Stag beer at Silversands comes in at 10 USD. This seems a bit excessive when you know that you can walk across the street and buy the same beer bottle at a bar for under 3 USD…

The prices of other alcoholic beverages at Silversands were much more in line with other luxury hotels, although Bunny has not been to a place in Grenada that quite compares to Silversands.

Top Tip

Although it is not heavily advertised, Silversands Grenada also offers day passes. Bunny hasn’t tried that option yet but she has read some great reviews online and is determined to visit Silversands on a day pass soon.

Poolside in Silversands
Bunny loved the spa


If you are looking for a luxurious, fabulous stay in Grenada, Silversands Grenada is THE place, Bunny says. It has stunning architecture, superb facilities, an unbeatable beachfront location, great service, delicious food and that pool. Just wow.

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