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Beach Bunny in Grenada
Wild Levera Beach

Yes, it’s another beach post! This time Bunny is happy to share her knowledge of the best beaches on her (adopted) native island nation of Grenada in the Caribbean.

If you are visiting Grenada for the first time and wondering which of the gorgeous beaches deserve your hard-earned vacation time, wonder no more. Bunny has done the leg work for you, tirelessly travelling around the island in search of the best beaches and nicest stretches of sand.

Grenada Beaches

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada
Bathway Beach

Grenada boasts a great diversity of beaches. As usual in the Caribbean, the calmest beaches with white sand and amazing turquoise water are found on the western (Caribbean Sea) side of the island. The eastern (Atlantic) side is wilder, with high waves and often unsafe conditions for swimming.

What is common for all beaches in Grenada is the fact that they are often gloriously uncrowded. Many times, you can have the whole beach to yourself!

Another positive feature is the belated, but very welcome, heightened awareness on the island about littering. Most of the time, Bunny finds the local beaches in pristine condition. 

In Grenada, most tourists spend the majority of their vacation time in the southeastern corner of the country. This is the most developed part of the island, with many of the best beaches too. Even if you never venture further than this, you are spoiled for choice for great beaches.

And what’s best, all beaches in Grenada are public. No luxury hotel or boutique resort can block public access to the beach they are located on. Hallelujah!

Check out Bunny’s selection (and a map) of the best beaches in Grenada below.

Grand Anse

Grand Anse is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. It is easily accessible, clean and has all the services you could want. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on Grand Anse to make sure you won’t go hungry or thirsty while enjoying the beach.

Grenada's most famous beach

The sea at Grand Anse is usually quite calm, perfect for swimming, making it also a family-friendly beach. And it never gets too crowded, even when there are multiple cruise ships in town.

If you are in Grenada on a short visit and have time for only one beach, make it Grand Anse. You won’t be disappointed.

Where to Stay

There are a number of hotels right on the beach. Bunny’s favourite for great value is Radisson Grenada. If you want ultimate luxury, try the new sleek Silversands Grenada. Bunny is yet to stay there but salivates at the photos of its gorgeous and unbelievably long infinity pool.

Magazine Beach

Beautiful beach near the airport

Magazine Beach is one of Bunny’s firm favourites in Grenada. It is much smaller to be sure, but (arguably) even prettier than Grand Anse and definitely quieter.

Magazine Beach is located very close to the airport (don’t let this bother you - Grenada only gets a handful of flights per day). The sand is white and soft, and the turquoise water is perfect for swimming, although it does get deep rather quickly.

There is even some decent snorkelling on the southern end of the beach so bring your own kit if you are so inclined. You can rent beach chairs at Magazine Beach and there is also a great restaurant, Aquarium, which hosts a famous Sunday BBQ.

Where to Stay

Maca Bana Villas are located on a hill just above Magazine Beach. Bunny thinks they must have some of the best views on the whole island stretching all the way to St. George’s.

Levera Beach

Levera Beach is a wild, beautiful beach in the Levera National Park in the northeastern corner of Grenada, with amazing views towards the Grenadines.

There is usually no-one on the beach so you can really enjoy solitude here. Just be very careful if you venture into the water - the currents can be dangerous here. Bunny doesn’t recommend swimming at all.

Levera Beach, Grenada

During the turtle hatching season (March-July), Levera Beach is closed between 6pm-6am. This is the time when giant leatherback turtles come onshore to lay their eggs on the beach. It is an incredible sight, possible to experience only on a guided tour with SPECTO guides.

There is a security guard but no vendors or other services at Levera Beach. The road leading to the beach is rough so you’ll either have to drive very slowly or have a four-wheel car. Take it as an adventure that is well worth the effort, Bunny says.

Top Tip

Hop over to Grenada’s sister island Carriacou to discover some gorgeous beaches there. Bunny has produced a Complete Guide to Beaches in Carriacou to help you in your search.

La Luna Beach

Bunny is confused about the official name of this beach. She simply calls it La Luna Beach - after the sole hotel located on this stretch of sand.

Bunny first became aware of this secluded beach years ago as a guest at La Luna hotel. She has been coming back ever since regardless of where she stays. The beach is beautiful and secluded, and has some of Grenada’s best snorkelling right from the beach.

Beach with great snorkeling

There are no services apart from those offered by the La Luna hotel but nothing stops you from bringing your own picnic blanket, or a portable hammock like Bunny does. Coconut trees on the southern end of the beach provide a perfect set-up for lazing (or liming as they say locally) the day away in your hammock.

Where to Stay

Boutique hotel La Luna is one of the best hotels in Grenada. It is a Balinese-style haven with an Italian twist, boasting lovely cottages, lush yoga and great staff.

Morne Rouge Beach

Morne Rouge Beach is very close to La Luna beach. You can walk from one to the other in about 20 minutes.

Morne Rouge Beach is locally known as BBC Beach. It is a popular place, although by no means crowded. The cove is surrounded by hills on three sides and the waters are very calm - in addition to being a lovely shade of turquoise.

Turquoise waters in Grenada

Almond trees provide plenty of respite from the sun and swimming is easy. Morne Rouge Beach is known to be kid-friendly. There is even a huge inflatable playground. Bunny prefers her beaches to be kid-free so she doesn’t hang out at Morne Rouge Beach too much.

But fear not, there are a handful of beach bars and restaurants that sell tropical cocktails and cold beer so it’s not just a kiddie playground. Plus, the infamous Rum Runner often stops here for an hour or so for some crazy party antics.

Parking is the only real problem here, so taking a taxi is not such a bad idea…

La Sagesse

La Sagesse Beach used to be a hidden gem on the south-eastern coast of Grenada. It is still a very quiet beach but things might be about to change as the international luxury chain Six Senses is planning a resort for the southern end of the beach. Currently, there is only one, low-key hotel on the beach: the aptly named, La Sagesse.

Palm-fringed beach in Grenada

La Sagesse Beach is a beautiful, horseshoe-shaped bay with very soft sand. It is a bit wilder than the beaches on the west coast, but swimming is still perfectly fine here given the protection of the bay.

La Sagesse Beach reminds Bunny of similar picturesque beaches near Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic. There are even tall coconut trees lining the beach, which is a bit of a rarity in Grenada following the devastation of the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes.

Top Tip

If you go to La Sagesse following Google Maps, make sure you punch in the name of the hotel, rather than the beach. Otherwise you might end up on a miserable detour on a horrible unpaved road to nowhere like a certain Bunny once did…

​Bathway Beach

Bathway Beach in the northeastern corner of Grenada is a lovely, long, wild beach that is also safe enough to swim. There is a lifeguard on duty every day and a natural, rocky barrier just offshore that protects you from the roughest of the Atlantic waves.

Wild beach in North Grenada

Bathway Beach is popular with local folks but never feels crowded. There are a couple of permanent beach umbrellas, picnic tables, some bars and restaurants as well as shower and toilet facilities for a nominal fee (1 EC = 40¢). There is also an interesting information centre where you can learn about the local area and its history.

As the icing on the cake, Bathway Beach has free public Wi-Fi that works well!

Where to Stay

Bunny is yet to stay anywhere close to Bathway Beach but Atma Island Living and Moonfish Grenada surely look like lovely options right on the beach.


Grenada has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, fitting every taste and preference. You cannot really go wrong with any of Bunny’s choices above but if none of them piques your interest, there are about 30 more beaches around the island to choose from. Happy exploring!

Hammocking at La Luna Beach
Tranquility at La Sagesse
Under the umbrella
Bunny paw prints

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  • Bunny you just made me start to plan a trip to Grenada. No, actually you did that already some time ago! ?
    O M G all these beaches look and sound perfect, wish I was there already. One day for sure, and then I’ll check all of them. Thanks for the great tips Bunny! And also the information about the accommodations is always very welcome. ❤️

    • Bunny says:

      Come, come, come! ?? Grenada is so much more than beaches too… ❤️

  • Hi there, just a note that there is excellent swimming at Levera, down past the bend past where the currents cross, just don’t go out deeper than your shoulders. Also, Bathway is ONLY safe for swimming between the flags at the safe swimming area across from the Nature Centre, where the rocks sweep out to make a natural swimming pool. Going past the reef of rocks or anywhere else on the beach swimmers are exposed to currents which make it dangerous to swim. Hope that helps!

    • Bunny says:

      Thank you for these important safety tips! I have since swum at Levera and lived to tell the tale. ??

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