Where to Stay in Grenada

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The tiny Caribbean island of Grenada has suddenly appeared on everyone’s holiday radar, and for good reason. Grenada has been a favourite of Bunny’s long before its new-found popularity. A quintessential Caribbean island, Grenada boasts gorgeous powder-white beaches, a lush rainforest-covered interior, friendly people and perhaps the prettiest little capital in the region: St. George’s.

Grenada is an excellent sailing and scuba diving destination and the green interior of the island offers interesting hiking possibilities, beautiful waterfalls, rum distilleries and a chocolate factory to explore. Grenada’s beautiful beaches are mostly quiet, even in high season, and the country boasts a reputation of being one of the safest Caribbean islands.

Although Grenada is getting noticeably busier these days, with a whack of new flights recently added and fancy new hotels being built, it still retains the kind of old-fashioned Caribbean charm that is missing on many of the more developed islands in the region.

Bunny first visited Grenada in 2014 and has since returned regularly and developed quite a special relationship with this tropical island nation. If you are just contemplating your first visit to Grenada, read Bunny’s recommendations below on where to stay in Grenada.

Top Tip

If you ask Bunny, one of the absolute best things about Grenada is its tiny sister island to the north, Carriacou. Make sure you don’t miss this paradise. And if you do visit, come say hi to Bunny. She is currently building her Bunny Mansion there…

​Bunny’s Recommended Hotels in Grenada

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Unless you have specific interests in other parts of the island, your best bet for accommodation is in the south-west corner of Grenada. This is where most of the tourism, services and hotels are concentrated. The airport is also located in this corner of the island.

The south-west has gorgeous beaches and the best and most varied choice of restaurants and other services. The distances between attractions are short and easy, and St. George’s is just a short drive away.

Bunny’s three hotel recommendations in Grenada are all located in this area of the island. They are all wonderful establishments but offer very different holiday possibilities:

  • If you are looking for tranquil relaxation in beautiful surroundings, Laluna is your best bet.
  • If you prefer an all-inclusive indulgent holiday experience, Sandals Grenada will take care of your every whim.
  • If you need an affordable base with a great location, you should opt for Radisson Grenada.

Top Tip 

If you are travelling as a family or as a group of friends, renting a holiday villa can be a good option in Grenada. Bunny recommends Villa Beachcliff in Lance Aux Epines, just a short drive from Grande Anse, the airport and St Georges. It is an attractive family villa with beautiful rooms, two swimming pools, superb sea views and friendly owners.

Pure Bliss at Laluna

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Laluna is a little Balinese-style haven with an Italian twist in the middle of the Caribbean. It is an exquisite beach-side boutique hotel, with a relaxed vibe, friendly staff and attractive cliff-side bungalows. There are only 16 rooms in total, making Laluna a truly peaceful choice.

The bungalows are luxurious, but in an understated way. At first glance, they may look a little rustic, but once you get cosy, you’ll soon notice that everything is well-designed and functions beautifully. There is simple Indonesian-inspired furniture, sumptuous four-poster beds, French doors opening to a private veranda with a plunge pool, open-air bathrooms with sea views…

You can enjoy sundowners on your private veranda, or its plunge pool, and admire amazing sunsets every night, and then fall asleep listening to the waves crashing on the shore down barely 100m below.

The gorgeous soft sand beach is one of the highlights at Laluna. All beaches in Grenada are public (and rightfully so), but the beach at Laluna has natural barriers on both sides, making it almost private - and practically deserted most of the time.

The water is very clear and snorkelling is excellent, especially on the right-hand side of the beach when facing the sea. When Bunny stayed at Laluna, she was out swimming with the colourful fish almost every morning, even before breakfast. Plus, the corals are just as breathtaking and abundant as the fish. She noticed that the Sandals snorkelling boat was often hanging out around the same spot in the afternoons - clearly a good sign.

Image of Laluna pool
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Laluna offers a host of complimentary water sports, including kayaks, snorkelling equipment and paddle boards. Bunny had fun stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. There is even a small gym. Bunny couldn’t quite gather enough stamina to do any gymming while at Laluna but she absolutely loved doing yoga in the mornings!

Laluna organises daily sessions of Hatha, Vinyasa or Kundalini yoga that are popular with non-guests as well. The yoga pavilion is right on the beach, with dreamy views to the sea and a constant cooling breeze to help you get through your poses. The yoga on the beach was so enticing that even Mr. Bunny found his inner yogi and joined Bunny for the morning classes.

Laluna also has a Balinese-inspired spa that Bunny would most definitely make a priority to try on her next visit.

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There is only one restaurant at Laluna, offering distinctively Italian fare, with a tropical twist. Everything that Bunny tried on the menu was excellent, accompanied by freshly baked bread and delicious wine. The nutmeg cream and porcini mushroom pasta, in particular, earned Bunny’s highest accolades.

Bunny also enjoyed hand-crafted cocktails in Laluna’s open-air ‘living room’ beside the hotel’s pretty swimming pool, particularly at happy hour when the drinks were half-price and excellent value…

There are a few things to be aware of before choosing Laluna:

  • There are quite a lot of stairs to navigate at Laluna, thus it is probably not the best option for people with mobility issues.
  • The semi-detached bungalows have the best views, but noise can be a problem if you are not in tune with your neighbours. On Bunny’s first night, her neighbours decided to play music until the wee hours. Thankfully, they checked out the next morning.
  • Although the food at the restaurant is excellent, the menu can be a bit limited, particularly if you are vegetarian or stay for a longer period. If so, you will be enjoying some dishes more than once.
Image of Laluna beach
Image of Laluna veranda

All in all, the overall feeling you get at Laluna is that of a blissful escape. You are cocooned in your own little piece of paradise, whether lazing on your veranda, frolicking in the sea or lying by the swimming pool. There are no crowds, no excessive noise, no pool-side contests, no distractions. The clientele is mostly couples and the atmosphere is very chilled. Bunny likes!


What Bunny Liked Best

  • Exclusive boutique feeling
  • Beautiful beach that feels fully private
  • Invigorating daily yoga classes

Fun-Filled Luxury at Sandals

Image of Sandals
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Sandals Grenada offers an altogether different kind of holiday experience. Sandals lovers know the drill: everything from gourmet dining to scuba diving and drinks and entertainment is included in the price. And everything is first class.

There is nothing particularly Grenadian about Sandals Grenada but it does offer unlimited holiday fun and relaxation in a picturesque setting. The facilities, activities and entertainment options are endless, and you’ll have a hard time taking advantage of everything if you stay only a week or less.

There are a zillion room types to choose from, all according to your budget and preferences. Regardless of the room type you go for, you can expect luxury accommodation, with typical Sandals features, such as indulgent outdoor bathtubs.

If you have the bucks (Bunny doesn’t), the fanciest Skypool Suites come with private infinity pools and 24-hour butler service, in addition to a hefty price tag. Bunny had a club level room in Pink Gin Village, with direct access to the beach from her room, but she thinks she would have been equally happy with any other room type.

Image of Sandals breakfast
Image of sushi at Sandals

The food options and quality at Sandals are unrivaled on the island. As a Sandals guest, you have an astonishing 10 restaurants to choose from. Whether you crave Italian pizza, fresh sushi or French haute cuisine, Sandals has got you covered. And the food is fresh, tasty and plentiful, wherever you decide to eat.

If you fancy wine with your dinner or like to enjoy poolside cocktails galore, Sandals is definitely your place. The drinks flow freely and widely at all times. They are also damn good so Bunny woke up with a slight hangover at Sandals more often that she cares to admit.

You will not go hungry, thirsty or get bored at Sandals Grenada, Bunny says.

Image of tropical drink
Image of a table setup
Image of swim-up bar

The service throughout the resort is very friendly, although Bunny did experience some hit and misses from time to time, probably owing to the sheer number of clients. Thankfully, the resort is large enough that you can find relatively quiet corners too, if you want to escape the other loud (and sometimes drunken) guests.

Unlimited land and water sports are included at Sandals Grenada. Snorkelling just off the Sandals beach is possible, and not bad, but Bunny recommends taking part in the organised snorkelling excursions. Bunny also liked to work out at the excellent gym, to burn off all those extra calories from her constant snacking and drinking.

Naturally Sandals has a number of swimming pools and hot tubs to choose from, some with entertainment and swim-up bars, but other quieter ones too.

If you want to tear yourself away from all the fun and games for a bit and explore the real Grenada, Sandals offers a number of excursions around the island. Bunny didn’t go on any as she prefers to adventure on her own, not as a group activity. Plus, she already knows Grenada plenty well.

Sandals is an adults-only establishment and Bunny very much welcomes this. In fact, it is a couples’ paradise. Romance is everywhere, whether it is a bit forced or comes naturally to you, you will not be able to escape it. Come prepared to be amorous.

Image of Bunny in her Sandals room
Image of the peer
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One of the best things about a Sandals holiday is the fact that you have pre-paid everything. At the hotel, you can just relax and concentrate on having fun. You don’t need to ever have any cash on you and don’t have to worry about tipping either.

That doesn’t mean that Sandals won’t try upselling you at every turn. There’s always a better room you could upgrade to, a private dinner to be organised, a spa treatment to indulge in, a nicer wine to try with your meal… Don’t be lured by these tactics, Bunny says. Even if you stay in the cheapest room type and spend zero dollars on extras, you will have a fabulous time at Sandals Grenada.

Bunny has not been to any other Sandals properties (yet) but she fully suspects that Sandals Grenada is one of the best, if not the best of them all. Any arguments to the contrary are welcome in the comments section below. Or perhaps Sandals (if you are reading) would like to sponsor her next trip?


What Bunny Liked Best

  • Amazing facilities
  • Excellent food and free-flowing cocktails and drinks
  • Classy and luxurious rooms

Affordable Base at Radisson Grenada

Image of Radisson pool
Image of Radisson room
Image of swim-up bar

Bunny is not a big fan of chain hotels in general. However, she is willing to make an exception or two in Grenada if the hotel in question has one of the best locations on the island, and offers good facilities at very affordable prices. Enter Radisson Grenada.

Radisson Grenada is not your usual corporate Radisson hotel but a nice establishment with a premium beach location. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.

It may not be as visually stunning as Sandals or have the charm of Laluna, but Radisson Grenada clearly beats the two other hotels on one important consideration: the price!

It is the best choice in Grenada if you want a centrally-located and affordable base for your adventures around the island.

Image of Grand Anse
Image of Bunny on Grand Anse

The hotel facilities are not bad either. Bunny likes using the small gym and has also done laps in the garden pool, just one of the pools on the hotel grounds. The other pool, and the gardens in general, are nicely landscaped and full of fragrant flowers. And the eye-poppingly gorgeous Grand Anse beach is literally steps away from the hotel.

Some of the fancier rooms at Radisson Grenada have direct sea views and more modern facilities, whereas the cheaper garden rooms can be a bit rougher around the edges. However, all the rooms are clean, functional and have the necessary amenities.

Image of Grand Anse
Image of Radisson pool

Although Bunny has stayed at Radisson a number of times, she has never actually eaten at any of the hotel’s restaurants - apart from breakfast which was adequate, if not a thrilling affair. Luckily, there are many great restaurants within walking distance from Radisson, so you are not confined to only what the hotel offers. Bunny’s favourite nearby restaurants include Carib Sushi and Umbrellas on the beach.

The best thing is that at Radisson Grenada, you are never far from anywhere.


What Bunny Liked Best

  • Great location that is close to everything
  • Affordable price tag
  • check
    Direct access to Grand Anse beach

Bunny’s Conclusions 

If you like your holidays indulgent, boozy(ish) and activity-packed, head for Sandals. If you prefer solitude and yoga on the beach, opt for Laluna. If you just need an affordable base for enjoying sun, sand and further exploring the island, go for Radisson on Grand Anse.

Whichever hotel you choose, you will love Grenada. Trust Bunny.

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