Royalton Grenada: Bunny’s All-Inclusive Weekend at Grenada’s Newest Hotel

Bunny by the pool
Caribbean colors

Royalton Grenada, which is the newest addition to the Marriott Autograph Collection brand, was recently opened in Grenada.

Bunny was eager to sample the new all-inclusive resort on the island, so she scheduled a girlie weekend at Royalton Grenada last November. Read below about Bunny’s experience.

Grenada's newest hotel
Beach at Royalton Grenada

An Upgrade on Arrival

Who doesn’t love upgrades?

There simply cannot be a better start to your holiday than being informed upon arrival that your party has been upgraded. This is what happened to Bunny and her friend when they first entered Royalton Grenada.

What’s even better, Bunny’s upgrade didn’t mean just a better room but a whole different experience at Royalton: the Diamond Club! This is a separate part of the hotel with its own dedicated pool, a separate lounge with drinks and snacks, a butler service for each room and more. Wow, Bunny says.

Bunny and her friend had arrived at Royalton Grenada early, very early, having taken the morning ferry from Carriacou to Grenada. This did not pose a problem. The official check-in time at Royalton Grenada is 3pm but Bunny and her friend were immediately given bracelets, with access to all the venues and services before 9am while their room was still being prepared. Very cool.

VIP Bunny
Early check-in appreciated

The Room

Bunny’s room was not ready until a couple of hours later (as announced by Bunny’s butler via an online app). The wait didn’t hamper Bunny’s holiday one bit because she was able to have buffet breakfast, change into her bikini and sip cocktails by the pool whilst the room was being cleaned. Besides, her room was to be in the Diamond Club part of the hotel, which meant sea view instead of the garden view she had actually paid for.

The room was brand new, immaculately clean even if not particularly exciting (it’s possible that Bunny is just a tiny bit picky about hotel rooms, or totally spoiled, as Mr. Bunny would say…). There were double beds, a desk and additional sitting area, a decent sized bathroom, a separate WC and a balcony with sea view. The minibar included some soft drinks, water and beer while the wardrobe contained nice slippers and bathrobes.

No complaints but no particular hurrahs from Bunny either.

Bunny's twin room at Royalton
Bathroom was new and clean

Friendly Service

Service in Grenada can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. At Royalton, all the staff Bunny interacted with were exceptionally friendly. They did not always know the answers to Bunny’s questions and they might have accidentally tried to feed her meat (gag) on a couple of occasions, but they were always smiling and very friendly. This helped make Bunny a happy guest during her stay.

Bunny loves Magazine beach
Fresh fruit

Yes, sometimes she had to queue a few minutes to be seated at the main restaurant and the sparkling wine was often finished in the Diamond Club lounge (what an outrage), but Bunny felt like the staff genuinely liked working there and did their best at all times. There was no pretentiousness or the kind of forced politeness that Bunny hates.

Travel in Covid Times

Bunny’s visit happened during the Covid times (will there be a covid-free time ever again, she wonders), so extra measures were in place at Royalton Grenada.

Upon arrival, all guests must go through a temperature check (Bunny’s was declared to be around 32 degrees Celsius… hmmmm…) and the guests’ temperatures were also taken at all restaurants. The restaurants operated at half capacity as a safety measure.

In addition, face masks were recommended in common spaces (but rarely used by guests). But all the staff wore masks at all times. Bunny did not see any exceptions.

All shiny and new

The Beach

Royalton Grenada is located on Magazine Beach which is one of Bunny’s favourites in Grenada (check out Best Beaches in Grenada). It is a long and gorgeous beach with only one other small hotel (Best View in Grenada) at the other end of the beach.

Beach paradise

There were plenty of sun loungers and sun beds available at the beach, no need for German-style early morning ‘place a towel on the chair’ reservations of your own.

There is quite a bit of coral in front of Royalton Grenada so you have to choose carefully where to enter the water but this did not bother Bunny. The waves can be a bit rough at times, but the sunsets were gorgeous and the swaying coconut trees very picturesque.

Bunny loved the gardens
Royalton beach

Bunny wanted to try paddle boarding during her stay but was refused by a (non-Grenadian) staff member of the dive shop (to whom Bunny’s friend took an immediate and strong dislike). Bunny wasn’t wearing a t-shirt and, apparently, this was needed under the life jacket for safety reasons. Hence no paddle boarding for Bunny.

Later, however, Bunny spotted another guest paddle boarding bare-chested so it would seem that some guests had more sway than others…

The Swimming Pools

One of Royalton pools
Main pool at Royalton

Royalton has three different pools, one of which is for the exclusive use of Diamond Club customers. This is the only pool Bunny used during her stay. It was a lovely, infinity-edge pool facing the beach, with plenty of space, lots of entertainment (sometimes loud) and friendly bartenders. What else can you ask for?

Beautiful pool area

The Food

Royalton offers four different dining experiences: the main buffet, Italian restaurant Grazie Trattoria, French restaurant Ma Maison and Indian restaurant Taj Indian Cuisine. Due to low occupancy (Bunny assumes), not all of them were open every night. During her 3-night stay, Bunny was able to experience three of the four options.

So how was the food at Royalton?

The good news first: Bunny absolutely loved the Indian restaurant. Amazing food, a nice atmosphere and friendly service, not to mention myriad vegetarian options on the menu. Bunny would have been happy to dine there every night if that was possible.

Taj Indian Cuisine
Delicious paneer

She wasn’t as impressed with the buffet. Although there was a wide spread of foods available, vegetarian options weren’t marked and Bunny had to play a guessing game as to which foods were OK for her to eat. In addition, there was practically no protein in any of the vegetarian options available. No lentils, no beans, no chickpeas, no tofu… It seemed like whoever was in charge of the cooking had no concept of vegetarian food, other than leaving out the meat or fish. This was disappointing.

At breakfast, Bunny also noted a lack of local foods and was almost upset to find so little cheese on offer. She also declared all the available juices undrinkable because so much sugar had been added to each. The coffee was OK, thank god, but real coffee lovers might want to check the Caffe Lounge close to the spa and gym as an upgraded (but still all inclusive) coffee experience at Royalton.

Good coffee at Royalton
Al fresco breakfast

Dining at the Italian restaurant was a pleasant experience for Bunny. Al fresco dinner under the stars, with friendly service, plenty of vegetarian options and quite tasty food (and wine!) had her nodding approvingly during the evening. Some of the portions might have a bit on the small side but she made sure to order enough courses to leave the restaurant with her belly properly stretched.

Unfortunately, the lunch buffet at the same Italian restaurant wasn’t that exciting, with some lacklustre options and subpar pizza on offer on most days. The other lunch option, Diamond Grill on the beach, had a very limited menu with practically no vegetarian options (Bunny’s bean nachos came with meat).

Bread baskets
Buffet breakfast

Cocktails Galore

One of the great things about an all-inclusive experience is that no-one will bat an eyelid if you order a beer at 10am. Bunny loves that (and is currently on a month-long alcohol detox for those concerned about her health).

At Royalton’s Diamond Club pool and beach, the bartenders were super friendly and accommodating. When Bunny taught them how to make Mexican Micheladas for breakfast and her friend insisted on having Limoncello in her Margarita (yes, she is weird), the bartenders were only too happy to oblige.

Grenadian colors
Margarita in the jacuzzi

The cocktail menu at the Diamond Club Pool Bar was quite extensive and the service was fast and friendly. However, the staff often ran out of some key ingredients and had to improvise. Bunny didn’t mind. The drinks were generally not too strong which was good because it meant she could sample more of them. So Bunny and her friend hung out at the pool a lot.

As for pre-dinner cocktails, Bunny liked going to the Martini Mix bar which served excellent drinks in a pleasant environment. The Chilli Cranberry Cosmo with jalapenos was Bunny’s particular favorite. It was so yummy!

Bunny the lush
Gardens at night

The Spa and Gym

Royalton Grenada has an impressive looking gym which Bunny would have used with pleasure if she hadn’t been so busy downing cocktails. For anyone wanting to keep healthy during their vacation, this is the ticket.

Next to the gym is a small, but lovely spa that Bunny visited every day. As a Diamond Club guest, she was allowed to use the spa for an hour daily and she loved every minute of it!

The space was super relaxing and had a proper Finnish sauna (all others are cheap copies, Bunny says) and heavenly body scrubs that were almost good enough to eat. There was also a steam room, but it was out of order due to a missing part. This being Grenada, it might take a while for the part to arrive, Bunny reckons.

Bunny loved the spa
Sauna Bunny

How Does Royalton Compare to Sandals?

Grenada is not known for its all-inclusive hotels (and better that way, Bunny thinks). The only comparable big chain, all-inclusive hotel on the island is Sandals Grenada. So how does Royalton Grenada compare to Sandals Grenada?

Honestly, Bunny thinks that Sandals offers an experience that is more polished and overall a more luxurious choice. Sandals also has more inclusions, such as diving, BUT Sandals’ prices are also a lot higher. If you look at pure value instead, Bunny thinks Royalton is totally comparable.

Royalton pool
Beach cabanas

The rooms at Sandals are a bit more luxurious (even the cheapest ones have bathtubs) and there are more speciality restaurants with more varied and tasty menus than at Royalton. The service is comparable in both hotels, possibly even friendlier at Royalton. Bunny also prefers the beach at Royalton but otherwise the facilities are not that different.

If you are a foodie who likes to dive, go to Sandals. If your ideal holiday is cocktails by the beach or pool, Royalton currently offers unbeatable value.

Bunny loved the beach
Amazing colors

Bunny’s Highlights at Royalton

  • Dinner at Taj restaurant
  • The Spa experience
  • Friendly and unpretentious staff
  • Diamond Club perks
  • Clean, new facilities and immaculate gardens
  • Great pools and beach

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