Best View in Grenada? Bunny Stays at Maca Bana Villas

Bunny in her jacuzzi with a view
View to the Caribbean Sea

Like most people, Bunny has spent most of 2020 hunkering down at home, hiding from Coronavirus. Not that she had too much to complain about, staying in a beautiful rental suite on the tiny Caribbean island of Carriacou, Grenada.

Towards the end of June, when the quarantine conditions in Grenada started slowly easing, Bunny decided it was a good time for a little change of scenery. So, she took the recently re-started ferry service from Carriacou to the main island of Grenada for a refreshing staycation with Mr. Bunny.

View from Pawpaw villa

Maca Bana Luxury Boutique Resort

In Grenada, the Bunnies chose to stay in one of the villas at Maca Bana Luxury Boutique Resort. For a long time, Bunny had her eyes set on these cute villas located directly above the gorgeous Magazine Beach.

Although Maca Bana was technically not even open yet, the staff were kind enough to welcome the Bunnies for their 4-night break as the only guests of the villas. How cool was that?

Luxury boutique resort
Bunny's villa at Maca Bana

Maca Bana Villas

Maca Bana is a tiny, intimate resort, consisting of seven individually designed Caribbean-style villas that are perched on a cliff above Magazine Beach - one of the best beaches in Grenada.

The beautifully appointed villas come in three different sizes (ranging from one to three bedrooms). All have fully equipped kitchens, air-conditioning, private hot tubs and terraces with lovely views.

Maca Bana is an eco-friendly establishment too, so all the villas are partly powered by solar energy.

Paw Paw Villa

The Bunnies stayed in Paw Paw (which is the local name for papaya), a one-bedroom villa, of which there are two at the resort.

Pawpaw villa has the best view

Paw Paw has the best location of all the villas, Bunny says. It is perched high up on the clifftop, offering amazing views down to Magazine Beach and further along the coast, all the way to the capital St. George’s. What’s best, the location of the villa guarantees a very private experience for guests. You can easily spend hours on the terrace, sipping drinks and popping in and out of the hot tub, oblivious to any other people in the nearby surroundings.

In addition to Paw Paw’s terrace with hot tub, the villa has sun beds and a table with chairs for morning coffee or even al fresco dining. The view from the terrace is absolutely beautiful - even if the weather doesn't always cooperate. During Bunny’s visit, the otherwise blue sky was covered by grey Saharan dust which apparently is a yearly phenomenon in the Caribbean, just particularly bad in 2020 (like everything else). Bunny can only imagine how glorious the views must be on clear, sunny days.

Bunny in pawpaw villa
Bunny LOVED the jacuzzi

The Paw Paw villa itself is billed as “casual Caribbean style of luxury” (Check out the video at the end of this post). Everything is pleasing to the eye, comfortable, and impeccably clean. A beautiful view of Magazine Beach stretches before your eyes directly from the four-poster bed. In the morning, you are greeted by bird song and in the evening serenaded by crickets and tree frogs. 

Bunny was impressed with the small but very well equipped kitchen. It had everything needed for a self-catering holiday. Apart from breakfasts, the Bunnies were too lazy to cook anything but were pleased to have such a complete kitchen at their disposal as it was certainly great for keeping the snacks and drinks flowing.

The bathroom of Paw Paw villa is spacious and open concept - perfect for couples but not ideal for less intimate partners staying together. Bear this in mind when choosing your villa, Bunny says. Fluffy bathrobes and separate beach towels were also provided.

Roomy bathroom
Double sinks

Other Villas

The seven villas at Maca Bana offer varying degrees of privacy. If you are a couple looking for seclusion or a perfect location for a romantic break, Paw Paw or Rock Fig would be the obvious choices.

Bunny also had an opportunity to check out Pineapple Villa which is located right next to the resort’s common pool. It looked spacious and attractive and is probably a good choice for families. Bunny is not an expert in family travel though - other than avoiding families when she is on holiday.

Check out the resort map below to gain an understanding of the location of each villa in relation to one another and their surroundings.

Image courtesy of Maca Bana


Maca Bana is located almost right next to Grenada’s airport. Don’t worry about any airport noise though, only a handful of flights arrive in Grenada on any given day. It is actually fun to spot from your hot tub the occasional plane landing or taking off.

If you are keen to explore the island further, taking a taxi tour or renting a car would be your best option from Maca Bana. Apart from Magazine Beach, there is not much within walking distance of the resort. On a positive note, this guarantees you a nice, quiet and secluded spot for your holiday.

If you are renting a car, there is plenty of secure, onsite parking available at the resort.

Sunset in Grenada

Maca Bana Gardens and Pool

The villas at Maca Bana are spread around amongst lush tropical gardens and fish (and turtle) ponds.

One of Maca Bana villas
Bunny enjoying the gardens

At the heart of the quaint resort is a small, infinity-edge pool that Bunny loved. It was (naturally) all quiet during the Bunnies’ visit and proved to be a great place to cool down during the heat of the day.

As with everything at Maca Bana, the infinity pool has lovely views of the surrounding area, so it is a great hangout area in addition to the private hot tubs found in all the villas.

Pool at Maca Bana
Bunny's holiday look

Aquarium Restaurant

Attached to Maca Bana, a steep walk down the hill, is one of the best restaurants in all of Grenada: The Aquarium.

Luckily, The Aquarium had reopened after adopting tough Covid-19 protective measures just before Bunny’s visit. Customers still had to have their temperature taken and contact details recorded for potential contact tracing before entering, but it was a small price to pay for the pleasure of eating and drinking in this attractive beach-side restaurant.

Bunny's vegetarian lunch
Delicious desserts

The menu at The Aquarium is extensive (although Bunny would love to see more vegetarian options) and all the food is always fresh and delicious. The Aquarium is known as being expensive, but the quality and service are excellent to match. Plus, the location right on the beach is unbeatable and the cocktails are not too bad either! For wine lovers, there’s an impressive-looking wine cellar with plenty of options.

Bunny at Magazine Beach
Drinks at the beach

The Aquarium hosts a popular BBQ on Sundays - make sure to have a reservation if you’re planning to partake, Bunny says.

Top Tip

The Aquarium restaurant is closed on Mondays. On those days, you may want to check the excellent Indian restaurant, Punj-abi, about a 15-minute walk from Maca Bana or have food delivered to your villa via KariBites, a handy website for food deliveries in Grenada.

Magazine Beach

Bunny has explored beaches all around Grenada and Magazine Beach remains one of her firm favourites.

It has soft white sand and offers excellent (and exciting) swimming as the water gets deeps quite quickly and the waves can be sizeable at times.

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach is quite long and most of the time very quiet. There is a new hotel development (Royalton Grenada) at the other end of the beach but there are no other facilities or restaurants apart from The Aquarium. Bunny prefers it this way.

Maca Bana guests can make good and free use of the beach chairs at The Aquarium. Guests can also use the resort’s kayaks and snorkelling equipment. The snorkelling is pretty decent directly in front of The Aquarium and a little further left near the Seychelles-like rocks, Bunny says.

Enjoying Magazine Beach
Snorkelling on Magazine Beach


If you’re looking for a quiet, romantic break in Grenada, the villas at Maca Bana are an excellent option, Bunny says.

The Bunnies certainly had a lovely time, lazing around their beautiful villa, spending (literally) hours in and out of the hot tub with drinks in hand, and enjoying everything the gorgeous beach below had to offer.

The Paw Paw villa had the best views Bunny has ever experienced in any hotel room in Grenada and you can be sure she has visited her fair share of them…

So, it took Bunny a little time to answer the question posed in the title of this blog post, but that answer is a resounding YES!

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