Bunny Snorkels in Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

Eco Dive Grenada on Grand Anse
Underwater sculpture park

Bunny recently spent a couple of nights at Radisson Grenada, taking advantage of their fabulous Paradise at Home promotion.

While in Grenada, Bunny also decided to (finally!) visit the famous Underwater Sculpture Park. It had been on her bucket list for a number of years, but she just hadn’t gotten around to checking it out. Until now.

Read below about Bunny’s experience at Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park with Eco Dive Grenada.

Sculpture park

Underwater Sculpture Park

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park, located in the Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area, just north of the capital St. George’s, was constructed in 2006. At the time, it was the first of its kind in the world.

Today, the park has about 75 sculptures, most of them 3 to 5 meters underwater. The sculptures are constructed from concrete and rebar. The sculptures act as artificial reefs, attracting marine life and human visitors alike.

How to Visit

Several dive shops in Grenada organise trips to the Underwater Sculpture Park. Bunny decided upon Eco Dive Grenada, based on their responsiveness to online queries, great location and awesome reviews on TripAdvisor.

For the less mobile, glass bottom boat trips are also available. Some of the sculptures are quite close to the surface so this is not a bad option if you don’t feel comfortable in the water.

Eco Dive Grenada

Eco Dive Grenada

Bunny’s afternoon snorkelling trip started at Eco Dive Grenada’s office at Grand Anse where the Bunnies met with their snorkelling guide Chad. They were then fitted with snorkelling equipment and introduced to the other participants of the tour - all scuba divers.

Bunny had originally wanted to do a two-site snorkelling trip, combining the Underwater Sculpture Park with snorkelling at a nearby reef. Alas, there were not enough snorkelling participants for such an outing.

Bunny was not too bummed about this as tourism was still almost non-existent in Grenada due to the coronavirus. In fact, she felt lucky to be able to go at all…

Grand Anse beach

Top Tip

Eco Dive Grenada is a very handy option for anyone staying in the Grand Anse area, whether at Radisson GrenadaCoyaba Beach ResortSilversands or Spice Island Beach Resort, which are all within walking distance from the starting point of the tour.

Nutmeg Princess

The Bunnies and the divers then headed out onboard Nutmeg Princess, Eco Dive’s comfortable power catamaran. Albert the captain expertly navigated the catamaran towards the Sculpture Park - a mere 8-minute journey from Grand Anse.

On the way, the views of the Grenada coastline were breathtaking.

Once in the area, the divers were dropped off at a nearby wreck and the Bunnies continued to the Underwater Sculpture Park with Chad.

Captain of the boat


Chad had given the Bunnies some information about the park during the catamaran ride so once they arrived at the park, they could just jump into the inviting waters. The weather was sunny and the sea was calm, but, unfortunately, the visibility was not the best owing to some recent windy weather churning up sediment.

The sculptures were still clearly visible, particularly those closest to the surface. Chad took the Bunnies on a tour where he explained each of the sculptures and pointed out details that they would have otherwise missed.

Bunny snorkeler
The most famous sculpture

The biggest and the most striking piece is called Vicissitudes - it is a circle of 26 life-sized local children holding hands. Quite a moving sight.

Other notable sculptures in the park include Christ of the Deep, Man on a Bike and The Lost Correspondent, hiding behind his desk and typewriter. TAMCC Faces depict a series of visages, modelled by local students, moulded into an underwater boulder and gathering algae. This piece struck Bunny as a little creepy actually.

Close-up of Vicissitudes

In fact, the whole park is a bit eerie. You don’t really expect to see sculptures underwater. There is something ominous about it, Bunny thinks. But it is also very cool and unique at the same time.

There was no-one else around when the Bunnies visited and that was brilliant. The experience would probably be quite different if you arrived at the same time as dozens of other snorkelers from a cruise ship shore excursion…


The snorkelling itself was quite easy and suitable for beginners. There were some currents, but the bay is sheltered from the bigger waves and the area is manageable and not very large.

Having a guide is a must if you want to see all the sculptures in an efficient sequence, even if you are an experienced snorkeler, Bunny says.

If you would like to get up close and personal with the sculptures, you will either need to have great free diving skills (Bunny doesn’t) or visit the park as a scuba diver. There is little doubt that the adventure is even better for scuba divers, Bunny says.

Back at Grand Anse
Bye-bye statues!

Marine Life

Sadly, there is not a lot of marine life at the park. Some colourful fish occasionally swim by but it is not a snorkelling destination for people looking for a vibrant reef.

The sculptures were originally put in to protect the reefs and help maintain a healthy ecosystem, so hopefully marine life will recover in the coming years.

Bunny has an older GoPro that doesn’t really do wonders underwater anymore. Add somewhat murky water conditions on the day of the Bunnies’ visit and it’s no wonder that Bunny’s photos turned out less than stellar. Don’t let that put you off your visit.


Snorkelling in Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park is definitely a unique experience. The park is very easy and convenient to visit and definitely worth a couple of hours of your time.

Bunny can highly recommend Eco Dive Grenada based on her own trip. All the staff were very friendly and professional, the equipment top notch and the overall experience very positive.

The gorgeous views of the Grenadian shoreline from the boat ride to and from the site were the icing on the cake.

Views from the boat

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