Vegetarian Puerto Rico: Bunny Stays at The Dreamcatcher Boutique Hotel

Bunny's room at Dreamcatcher
Delicious food

Have you ever stayed in a vegetarian hotel? Bunny hadn’t before she visited Puerto Rico and spent two nights at The Dreamcatcher. What an experience!

Before her stay at The Dreamcatcher, Bunny had sailed from Europe to Puerto Rico on board the Norwegian Epic. After some fabulously indulgent time at sea, she was looking forward to something different. Preferably something calm and relaxing, with delicious, healthy food and lots of hammock time. The Dreamcatcher fit the bill perfectly.

Hotel entrance
Dreamcatcher gift shop

Vegetarian Travel

Bunny has been a vegetarian forever so she has experienced everything from having almost nothing tasty to eat (hello, Central Asia!) to being completely spoiled for delicious vegetarian dishes (yoga retreats at Kaliyoga or Ki-Ra) during her travels.

In general, traveling as a vegetarian has become increasingly easy in the past few years. If you’re not vegan, there’s almost always something on offer, no matter where you travel. The food is often quite good too. You cannot be picky though. Vegetarians always have less choice and options than their carnivorous companions, unless you happen to be in a completely vegetarian establishment…

Lovely Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher Hotel

Bunny wasn’t specifically looking for a vegetarian hotel in Puerto Rico but when she came across The Dreamcatcher, she became immediately intrigued. It is such a rare treat to find a fully vegetarian hotel especially one that looks as inviting as The Dreamcatcher. 

After having checked some TripAdvisor reviews prior to booking, Bunny was convinced that this was the hotel for her.

The Dreamcatcher
Communal kitchen


The Dreamcatcher is a small, intimate hotel tucked away in a quiet, gated community in Puerto Rico’s Ocean Park area. It has about a dozen rooms and a lovely, lush common area in the middle of the complex.

Everything oozes calm and relaxation. Hammocks abound. There’s a cute communal kitchen, an honesty bar with vegan brownies, water features that make soothing sounds to fit your holiday mood, beautiful plants and greenery, and a small gift shop bursting with goodies. Zen-Zen-Zen.


Bunny’s Sanctuary room was small but cute. It had an outdoor shower area with a small terrace and an artisanal hammock which she absolutely loved.

The bed was comfy and the air-con was strong. There were also fans for those (like Bunny) who are no friends of air-con. And, most importantly for Mr. Bunny, the Wi-Fi was fast throughout the hotel.

Lovely rooms
Happy Bunny

Top Tip

Make sure your room has a private bath before booking. Not all the rooms do and at least Bunny is too old to be sharing bathrooms with strangers, no matter how nice they are (the strangers or bathrooms, that is).

Bunny's bathroom


Everyone Bunny met at the hotel was friendly, relaxed and smiling, including all the staff and guests. It must be all those hammocks that make everyone so chill!

Bunny didn’t encounter any problems during her stay. The staff was very helpful with recommendations for restaurants, transportation and the like.

Vegan Breakfasts

The Bunnies arrived very early on their first day at The Dreamcatcher. Their room wasn’t ready but they were able to leave their luggage in storage and head for the hotel’s famous vegan breakfast. 

What a delight it was! Tofu scramble with a salad bowl, raw cinnamon and turmeric oats with walnuts and blueberries, chocolate hummus with granola, bananas and almonds, served with delicious coffee. Bunny wishes all hotel breakfasts were like this…

Dreamcatcher breakfast
All vegan breakfast

In fact, the Bunnies loved all three breakfasts they enjoyed at The Dreamcatcher, with a daily changing menu. It was so wonderful to start every day with a delicious, healthy 3-course breakfast that was fully vegan.

Special Vegan Dinners

Bunny was sorry to (just) miss one of The Dreamcatcher’s four-course vegan dinners that are organised frequently in collaboration with local chefs. Dates for these dinners are announced on social media and they require an advance booking. Keep an eye out for these special occasions.

And if you miss The Dreamcatcher’s dinner events, go check out the quirky Volando Bajito in the neighbourhood. Bunny enjoyed some seriously delicious cauliflower wings, vegetarian Bibimbap and pretty tasty craft beer there.

Dreamcatcher Suite


Ocean Park is an exclusive, gated community that has some character but also feels very safe. There are plenty of restaurants and shops within walking distance from The Dreamcatcher. At check-in, you’ll receive a delightful, hand drawn map of the area, with plenty of recommendations for vegetarians.

In addition, Condado, an upscale touristy area with plenty of restaurants and entertainment, is within walking distance from The Dreamcatcher. San Juan itself can be reached with a 15-minute Uber drive.

View from Castillo San Cristobal

Ocean Park Beach

The Dreamcatcher is not located directly on the beach but it’s not exactly far either. It took Bunny all of 2 minutes to hop from the hotel to the wide and beautiful Ocean Park Beach just one block away.

The beach is clean and quiet, with soft sand and some impressive waves. Some kite surfers usually hang about but otherwise it was exactly the kind of quiet beach Bunny prefers.

Ocean Park beach
Bunny loved the beach

It is very easy to borrow beach chairs and towels from the hotel and spend a whole day on the beach if you so wish. 

If you feel more active, The Dreamcatcher organises daily morning yoga on the beach. Bunny went for a yoga session and loved the gentle and relaxing yoga flow on the sand.

San Juan

Colourful street art
Old town charm

Even though Bunny would have probably been happy to just hang around the hotel during her stay, she felt compelled to check out San Juan as well, given that it was her first visit to Puerto Rico.

Lovely old town
View from Castillo San Cristobal

She spent half a day strolling the colourful streets of old San Juan, visited Castillo San Cristobal for some interesting history lessons and to explore old tunnels, and dabbled on some of San Juan’s culinary offerings.

Inside Castillo San Cristobal

It was well worth the half a day expedition but ultimately Bunny was happiest in her little vegetarian-hammock-yoga haven of The Dreamcatcher.


A lot of thought has gone into every aspect of The Dreamcatcher experience and everything seems to work effortlessly. It might not be a fancy, luxury hotel but it is a lovely, chilled experience for anyone looking for a healthy, relaxing break in Puerto Rico. 

And if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll be totally spoiled by their lovely breakfasts.

Bunny in The Dreamcatcher
Vegan delight

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