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Sky Lagoon

What is the best thing to do in Reykjavik, Iceland? If you ask Bunny, the answer is easy: Visit Sky Lagoon!

Sky Lagoon is Reykjavik’s newest attraction. It is a gorgeous, oceanside geothermal lagoon where you can float in the warm waters whilst enjoying views over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s like an updated version of Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon, with a modern, minimalist twist.

Gaze at the sea

The whole Sky Lagoon complex is the definition of a high-end, luxurious spa experience that beautifully incorporates the surrounding nature. There is a striking infinity-edge pool, surrounded by large natural rocks, a waterfall, a swim-up bar and even a turf house inside the grounds. The water of the pool is kept at a steady, and balmy, 38-40 C degrees, which is perfectly juxtaposed with the often chilly and sombre outdoors.

Visit Sky Lagoon

Bunny was curious to check out Sky Lagoon and booked a visit on her recent stopover in Reykjavik.

Sky Lagoon is handily located in the outskirts of the Icelandic capital city. You can navigate the local buses to get there or book a direct transfer, provided by Reykjavik Excursions, on the Sky Lagoon website. This is a shuttle service with fixed pick-up points in Reykjavik.

Outside entrance
Entrance way

Bunny felt a bit lazy and skipped these options in favour of an easy, 15-minute taxi ride. This is a pricey affair in Iceland but worth it for the languorous traveler.

Please Note

If you’re coming from the airport, there is no direct bus link to Sky Lagoon at the moment. So Sky Lagoon is not as convenient to visit on a stopover as the Blue Lagoon, but trust Bunny, it merits the extra hassle.

Ticket Prices

Sky Lagoon offers different ticketing options and various packages, with the entrance fee starting at approximately 55 USD. Bunny opted for the Sky Pass which was more expensive at almost 100 USD, but included private changing facilities and the fabulous 7-Step Ritual.

Private changing rooms
Sky Pass dressing area

The Experience

When you first approach Sky Lagoon, don’t be spooked by your surroundings. You won’t get mugged in the shady industrial area, Bunny says. It’s just that the neighbourhood where Sky Lagoon is located is not the most attractive part of Iceland. It’s totally different once you step inside.

Bunny was immediately impressed, mightily impressed even, upon first entering the Sky Lagoon. It’s no secret that Bunny is a huge fan of modern, ultra sleek spas of the kind she used to frequent when she lived in Austria. Sky Lagoon reminded her of those. Everything was gorgeous, luxurious, and stylish.

Sky Lagoon main pool

Based on her advance research and an online chat with the Sky Lagoon staff, Bunny had decided on an early morning visit. She doesn’t mind early morning wake-up calls if that means avoiding the dreaded crowds at attractions. So she found herself at Sky Lagoon right after 8am on a Monday morning, and the place was practically deserted. What bliss!

So Bunny headed directly to the private changing area that was included in her Sky Pass. Everything was immaculate, clean, well-organised and relaxing. The atmosphere at Sky Lagoon felt intimate and luxurious from the start.

The weather was iffy, but this is hardly news to anyone who has been to Iceland. The grey, cold and windy weather didn’t stop Bunny from enjoying herself though. In fact, it may have added to the fun. The great thing about Sky Lagoon (and hot pools in general) is the fact that you can relish them in any weather conditions. Oftentimes, the experience is even better when the weather is cold and drizzly. When chilly winds are whistling, you can just immerse yourself deeper in the waters of the lagoon, look at the rising hot steam and be grateful for the soothing warmth around you.

Sky Lagoon’s 7-Step Ritual

The 7 Step Ritual

The 7-Step Ritual is Sky Lagoon’s own wellness journey that will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and divine. It is well worth the extra expense, Bunny says.

Shower first!
Into the lagoon

The first step of the ritual is a given for visitors of the lagoon: you step into the cave-type entrance and swim into the main lagoon, taking in the impressive surroundings. Everything is meticulously constructed, very clean and sleek, but also tastefully incorporated into the unique Icelandic landscape. You can spend as much time in the lagoon as you wish, and only head for the next steps of the ritual when you wish.

The second step is something many visitors gladly skip: a plunge into the icy waters of a cold pool adjacent to the lagoon. No need to avoid this. Cold water is known to boost your happiness. At least you’ll be happy once you’re out of the freezing water again, Bunny says.

Bunny in the lagoon
Fun in any weather

The remaining steps of the ritual all take place in a spa complex co-located in the lagoon which looks like a traditional turf house. This delightful building has a grass roof and a big, old wooden door but contains the modern and absolutely gorgeous Sky Lagoon spa facilities.

The third step of the 7-step ritual is the start of relaxation time in the stunning sauna of Sky Lagoon. The full glass wall (apparently the biggest single window in Iceland) opens up to a serene ocean view. Bunny thoroughly enjoyed this step and thought that it must have been one of the most beautiful saunas she had visited anywhere in the world. And that’s saying something!

7 step ritual
Gorgeous sauna

But then it was time to cool down again. The fourth step takes you through a cold fog-mist that definitely makes you miss the heat of the sauna. Luckily, the cold mist didn’t feel as bone-chilling as the cold pool earlier, but rather was refreshing instead.

Sky Lagoon sauna
Step 4 of the ritual

The fifth step was Bunny’s favourite: you are given a small bowl of the Sky Body Scrub made with local herbs and salt. You massage the mixture onto your skin, exfoliating and leaving your skin feeling amazingly soft afterwards. Bunny couldn’t stop applying the rub and even asked for more salts after she had consumed her bowl. The nice attendant graciously indulged Bunny.

Heavenly step 5 of the Ritual
Refreshed after the Ritual

The sixth step takes you to a steam room where you will make the most of the hydrating benefits of the body scrub (which you leave on your skin for this step). Bunny happily lingered in the steam room until she was ready for the final step.

For the seventh and last step, you scrub off any remaining body scrub product in the shower and head back to the lagoon to relax and enjoy the sense of calm produced by the ritual. Bunny was in a state of utter bliss after her experience.

Please Note

Although your time in the lagoon itself is unlimited, you can only go through the 7-Step Ritual once. It was quiet when Bunny visited so she could really take her time and savour the experience. She has, however, heard of accounts of the ritual being overcrowded at peak times. So, all the more reason to pick your time wisely for maximum benefits and relaxation.

Swim-Up Bar

Who doesn’t love swim-up bars? And who wouldn’t want to be sipping sparkling wine at 9am on a Monday morning? Bunny certainly did.

Sparkling in the pool
First step of the Ritual

Sky Lagoon’s swim-up bar had sparkling wine on tap and it turned out to be just the thing Bunny needed to complete her experience at Sky Lagoon. Heading to the infinity edge of the pool with a glass of sparkling in her paw, Bunny felt almost reborn. Or perhaps it was just the wine? She might have had more than one glass…

The prices at Sky Lagoon’s swim-up bar were Icelandic (meaning expensive), but just about tolerable. For those not too keen on bubbly, Icelandic beer and various soft drinks were also on offer. All purchases are logged to the bracelet you are issued on arrival for your locker, and you pay on the way out. No need to worry about bringing any cash with you to the lagoon after changing.

Sparkling wine on tap
Pricey but good

Food & Restaurants

Food is often an afterthought in places like Sky Lagoon. Bunny was positively surprised (again) when she sampled some of the available fare.

Stylish and cozy

There are two establishments to choose from: Sky Café and Smakk Bar. Both offer local specialities, as well as sandwiches and soups in a rustic style. Bunny was glad for the vegetarian options and found the food very tasty indeed.

She also loved the indoor lounging area of Sky Lagoon. It was very inviting and beautifully designed, completed with a large fireplace and comfy seating. In short: a perfect place to end your visit with style.

Sky Lagoon restaurant

Sky Lagoon vs. Blue Lagoon

Bunny has been to Blue Lagoon twice - and loves it. However, it feels like a bit of a zoo lately, plagued by its own popularity. The new addition, Retreat Hotel, and über luxurious spa options are surely inviting, but Bunny can no longer afford the exorbitant prices. So, if Bunny visited Blue Lagoon again, she would have to mingle with the great unwashed, and probably with hordes of children too. Um, no thanks.

Sky Lagoon
Bunny at the Blue Lagoon

Good to Know in Advance

  • Go early in the day if you want to avoid the crowds. Not surprisingly, weekend evenings at Sky Lagoon tend to be the busiest, so avoid those if possible to maximize your peace and enjoyment.
  • Bunny’s experience at Sky Lagoon might have been a very different affair if it had been super busy during her visit… Then again, Bunny imagines sunsets at Sky Lagoon would be pretty spectacular. Apparently, some visitors have even been lucky enough to spot Northern Lights directly from the lagoon’s pool edge. Just imagine how awesome that would be.
  • No cash is required at Sky Lagoon. You can leave all your money and valuables in the secure lockers and pay with the wrist band you are allocated at the beginning of your visit.
  • You can take your phone with you if you wish. Bunny recommends a good case (Bunny uses this one) and some patience. You can leave the phone resting on the rocks when you swim. In the sauna and steam room, it’s a good idea to wrap your phone inside a towel to avoid it overheating.
  • No footwear is required. You will need to remove your shoes before entering the changing rooms. Bringing your own slippers won’t be much help either because you cannot take them with you after entering the pool.
  • You can go back and forth between the main lagoon pool and the changing rooms, but you can only go through the 7-Step Ritual once. And you must do the steps in sequence.
  • With Sky Pass, you can share a private changing room with your partner if you wish, but you can also have separate booths next to each other. Men and women are not separated in the Sky Experience. The changing area is spacious, with lovely toiletries and infused water on offer.
  • There’s a limit of three drinks per person (wrist band) at the Sky Lagoon. Good, Bunny says! She wouldn’t want to bathe with drunken idiots. It’s just not the place for it. She is equally happy that children under 12 are not allowed in the Sky Lagoon. There are plenty of other places in Reykjavik for children to ruin. Let them go there instead, Bunny says.
Reykjavik's best sight
Sky Lagoon pool

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